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Our chariot to the desert

Yesterday I took the boys out to Superstion again. This was the first time I have used the Jimmy to tow our trailer. It is amazing how a veh 8 yrs newer and having 2 extra cylinders makes a difference. It was a much more comfortible ride, and I was able to go 60 mph all the way. (As apposed to 35-40 up the grades). With more room inside, and a more comfortible ride, the boys were able to take naps on the 2 hour ride out and back. Must be nice!!!

This time we met our friends at the 4.5 mile marker out at Superstition. I liked this spot a lot better than the last time. We were with in walking distance of the "Ice Cream Man" and the kids made several trips, both on foot and riding some of the toys. I am told that Brian did a pretty good impression of a Hollywood stunt by coming in fast, doing a sliding turn, and parked it perfect.

Our stuff just waiting to be unloaded! Boys, boys, where did you go? Boys!
I wish I had seen it....but also told him not to drive like that again. It would not do for somebody to get hurt because he is showing off.

We were also close to "Jarhead Hill". This was part of a movie set that was in the movie Jarhead.  The kids like to play there. It was close enough that we could let them go by themselves.  Brian rode the go cart over once in the morning, and then later in the afternoon. (More on that trip in a bit).

Both of the boys started learning to ride the 100cc motorcycle that I bought last spring. Both were a little hesitant at first. But, once they were on the thing, moving and shifting gears, the apprehention dried up, and they had a blast. Most of the riding was simply riding around the campsite, getting used to being on the bike.

The monsters coming back from a ride.
Bobby did get to be a bit more adventurous. He made a ride over to the ice cream man, and then later went on a nice slow ride over to Jarhead Hill. That ride to Jarhead was the last ride of the day. Brian took the go-cart and Bobby took the motorcycle. I stayed in camp, (one of the other Dad's went with them).  Soon the kids started straggling back into camp. The more experienced riders first. One of the kids rode up to me and told me that Brian had crashed and broken the go cart (this is the 2nd time for Brian doing this). I asked if he were ok...he was. I asked if I needed to drive over and load the go-cart into our trailer. I was told he (Brian) was slowly nursing the thing back to camp.  He finally made it back and I found out what had happened.
Why is he all under control...oh yea, I am watching him!
Just like last time, he ran off a small rise and put it nose first in ditch. (He did this a couple of years ago). He broke one of the joints on one of the suspension arms for the front of the cart. It looks like a simple part replacement...but the company that made the carts went out of business so it will be a bit harder to find replacement parts.

As it started getting dark, I loaded up our broken and well used toys, and other assorted stuff.  The others set up the bonfire for the evenings entertainment. As is a sometimes tradition (much loved by the kids...oh alright and the dads too), the wood for the bonfire as prepared and then a 15 foot trail of gasoline was laid to the fire. It was lit and made a pretty cool site as it rushed to the bonfire and lite it.

Are we just to cool or what?
(Did not have my camera out as I was loading the trailer). The next couple of hours was spent telling jokes and stories, roasting marshmellows and generally BS'ing around the fire. Then it was off for home.

All in all, it was a good trip.  We had lots of fun. The only down side, is now both boys know they can ride the motorcycle. So unless I get a couple more motorcycles (already in the planning stages) I will not get to ride. So I guess the plan now is to get the go cart fixed, sell it, and get a couple more motorcycles.

I hope everybody had a fun Thanksgiving Weekend.

sdbleve says:
Yep, damn motorhome still refused to make the drive out to the desert. But I am not letting that prevent our enjoyment. If it has to be little day trips, little day trips it is. It is not how many nights we spend out there, it is what we do with our time while we are there. It is all about spending time with my boys, and building memories.
Posted on: Nov 25, 2007
tvillingmarit says:
Means to remember the last time I read a blog about you and your boys your car went down and you had a barbecue in your back yard. Nice to see you had a nice trip this time. And boys are boys, wants to show of. LOL
Posted on: Nov 25, 2007
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Our chariot to the desert
Our chariot to the desert
Our stuff just waiting to be unloa…
Our stuff just waiting to be unlo…
The monsters coming back from a ri…
The monsters coming back from a r…
Why is he all under control...oh y…
Why is he all under control...oh …
Are we just to cool or what?
Are we just to cool or what?
Bobbys proof that he can ride.  N…
Bobby's proof that he can ride. …
Bobby sitting proud on the motorcy…
Bobby sitting proud on the motorc…
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