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Yesterday the boys and I drove out to Superstition Mountain to meet up with some friends for a day riding dirt toys, shooting BB guns and other fun stuff. The original plan was to go camping, but the damn motorhome decided it still did not want to drive out there. ARGGG!!! That will have to wait until after Christmas to be fixed.

So we loaded up the go cart in the trailer, the motorcyle in the Toyota, and stuff for the day (sun shade, chairs, lunch, the BB guns, etc) and off we went. I had told the boys we were going to be up at 0600 and out the door by 0800. We left at 0745. We got out to where we were going just before 1000.  Funny, but unloading the stuff does not take as long as loading it. I guess the boys were just dying to get in the go cart and get going. We had a fun day. This time we did not have any problems with the go cart....well wait, Brian did almost catch fire. I guess I had left a towel on the back of the cart while I was working on it. It fell onto the muffler and caught fire while he and his friend Brady where out for a ride. He came back later, proud that they had put it out. I guess they used dirt and Brians sweatshirt (the sweatshirt has burn marks on it. It is now a badge of honor). We all went on several rides together. My getting the little motorcyle was a great idea, Now we all get to go. I was hoping the boys would get a chance to start practicing on the motorcycle yesterday, but I fell on one of the rides and broke the handbrake handle. It was still ok to ride, but I did not feel is was safe enough for the boys. We are planning on going out again during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, so I have to get it fixed by then.

We did our rding during the day, and then I packed up as the sun was going down. I  cooked dinner for us as we waited for the others to light the bonfire. The boys really like the bonfires. Something about boys and fire, I guess it is the primordial instinct at work. The boys roasted some marshmellows and the adults chatted. About 7pm the boys decided it was time to leave, so we said our farewells and off we went. We were home around 2130. I did not want to leave the go cart and the motorcycle out on the street overnight so I decided to unload them. By the time I was done, both boys were in the house asleep.  I was soon joining them.

What a great day!!!

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photo by: sdbleve