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Today was such a challenge and now I hurt all over. I guess I'm still not used to carrying a heavy bag on my back for such a long time. We were walking for at least four hours and the terrain was all over the place. Its good that monsoon season is now over here because otherwise I would of been sliding and slipping all over the place too! It was mainly an up day. We pretty much climbed up was is known as 'Momma Hill', and my god my legs didn't know what hit them. My fitness levels aren't what they used to be so it was a bit of a shock to the system. We stopped regularly because the heat was pretty intense too.

When we got to the top it was such an awesome feeling. Everyone was gaping at the views. You could see for miles, jungle terrain everywhere! Once everyone had got their breaths back, we made a lazy decline down to the river where the elephants were waiting for us! This is the bit I couldn't wait for...elephant riding, again! We rode for about an hour and it was kinda interesting. Our seats weren't exactly secure, so Erin and I were sliding all over the place. We didn't have to worry abut our bags as they were strapped to the backs of the seats. Ten minutes in to the ride the guy leading our elephant let me ride bareback, so Erin had the slidy seat to herself. A lot of the pathways were barely wide enough for humans to walk on, so it was a shock to see these elephants saunter along them so easily. There were some pretty steep decents as well, so Erin ended up wrapping her legs around me at some points to keep me from falling off!

The elephants dropped us off just before our second home stay, so we had about ten minutes of walking to do. Our bums were a little sore, but it was worth it!

The second village was just as nice as the first, and I even managed to give away al of the gifts I bought for the children. It was so nice to see their faces all lit up. They just kept on saying thank you. It made me feel pretty good on the inside anyway! I seemed to of picked up a little girl because she just followed us around for the rest of the day. It was nice to have the company. We stopped at the local football field (of all things!) to watch some of the guys play a game. The little girl proceeded to skip around us and start doing cart wheels and flips. It was nice to see her so happy, full of grins and laughs.

In the evening, we had another amazing dinner cooked for us, and far too much! We just couldn't finish it. The cook gave us some wantans with sweet chili sauce to nibble on first, and they vanished pretty quick! Afterwards we played cards again, and 'D' started playing his out of tune guitar. Some of us tried to re-tune it for him, but the monkey got their first. He broke something! We managed to go to bed at a reasonable hour this time and I pretty much fell straight to sleep...I think!

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Chiang Mai
photo by: Stevie_Wes