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Man, DC was one of my favorite places. There were about a million things to see (and lick). I tried hanging out around the White House and getting a shot of Bush, but he never showed up. Man, I don’t even think he lives there! I never saw him. Eventually, I got bored though and did something crazy. You see, my best friend always dares me to do stupid things…(run naked through McDonalds, climb up on the roof of our school and take a piss, steal a car, etc). So, he dared me to jump the White House fence and piss on a bush. It wasn’t no sort of political statement or anything, it was just a dare. So I did it…and it felt freakin awesome, until them dogs started chasin me, and I had to run away for dear life.

Other than that, I spent most of my time just walking around getting lost in the city and finding all these huge, old monuments and, of course, lickin them. That was pretty fun, but my tongue started to tingle and itch after a while, so I called it quits after about 40 monuments or so…

Aside from all the fun, I got a call from my mom wanting to know what I was up to. I told her all the stuff I had been doing and fun Id been having and friends Id been making, and how this was already an awesome adventure. But she didn’t believe me and wanted me to come home. She said that my dad needed my help, but I told him to get help from our neighbor Fat Sam, he doesn’t do nothing anyways. I told her that I haven’t even really gotten started and that there was no way I could come back now…I know that I will have to go back eventually, pretty soon, but just for a weekend, cause its my sisters wedding. Im not really looking forward to that…I don’t want to see everyone yet, cause I haven’t really crossed off anything on my list yet, and I don’t want them to think that Im a failure or nothing. I'm just glad Im out on the road and havin fun in DC. Peace out, Mayn!

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