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we awoke in dehli at 3:30am had breakfast, loaded the bike and headed for jaipur. form our experience last year of early morning and late night riding, it gets very cold on the bike, so we wore layers of jumpers thermas and big thick wolly soaks. yet again we underestimated how cold it can get and the first 4 hours of the leg i was shivering from head to foot. after the sun had risen and we had stoped for a warming chai we started to look around at the view on offer. the lad from delhi to jaipor was flat yellow land, dotted with green trees and aluminus orange, pine ans yellow saire's.

i remebered jiapur as hard work with constant hassle from locals and decided i would not return unless i had to or wanted sliver. this time was no different, everytime i left the hotel i found a least one "helpful" indian wishing to lighten my wallet. as we had lost our lonly planet guide off the back of the bike on the road we pick the cheepest looking hotel we could find. jez noticed in the signing in book that we were the first foreigner the hotel hd seen in 6 months, this did not help with needing to relax and be left alone after the 7-8 hour bike ride. someone knocked on the door at least 4 times in the 10 hours we were there. "hello sir, madam would you like some chai, tea, airfreshener... 

having decided what we needed was rest and booze we bought beers and munch and retired to our room where we watched return of the jedi on star movies. at 6.45 i was shooked back into the day by an indian man at the door asking if we wanted chai!!!! "no thankyou" though gritten teeth. nedless to say nither of us could get back to sleep and decided we should leave jaipor that hour and head for pushkar.

unfortinatly if asked what it is like in jaipur (and even though i have now been there twice) i would'nt have alot to say. iam sure there is more than just good movies.

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photo by: oxangu2