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11.14.07 - Wednesday

We arrived in Sicily at 9:30am. We spent the morning cleaning the ship. After lunch we had to work on our journals/homework. I took a shower and then went into town with Dan. The city is very old. We could see Mount Etna. Apparently this past September there was a huge volcanic eruption that caused an earthquake on the island. We managed to see a bit of the Opera Tosca. The lady let us enter for free. Afterwards we explored for 1.5 hours, then had dinner on the boat. Our small group went out afterwards for gelato. I ordered lemon. Wow, it was yummy! Dan and I went running around the city again.

It is soo huge… there’s soo much to see. We were lost at one point, but managed to find our way back to the boat around 11:30pm. We were exhausted after walking all day, so we went straight to bed.

11.15.07 - Thursday

Today was a day off. We spent the day sight-seeing and exploring the city. I got a Pedicure at a local salon. One of the staff, David, spoke very good English. We talked for a while and had a great conversation. He was very nice. My feet looked soo much better. Going barefoot on a boat for over two months is very bad for your feet. It was nice to pamper myself. Several of us ate pizza at a local restaurant. The owners brought us free French fries and an Italian dessert. We loved their kindness. We had dinner on the boat, then got dressed up to have a night out on the town.

We went to this posh club, but it was dead… so we went to another trendy little café for drinks. It was chill. Where was everyone? None of the locals were out tonight. We managed to make it back to the boat by curfew. At midnight we ate left over pizza. It was a nice ending to an amazing day.

11.16.07 - Friday

Today was our second day off. Elena and I went to town to get pampered. She wanted to get her hair cut and I wanted a pedicure. We were lucky enough to find two salons right next to each other. Thankfully there was a man who worked there that spoke English. His name is David. As the woman worked on prettying up my feet, he and I had a great conversation. I found out he learned English when he lived in London for seven years. He recently moved back to Sicily.

Also he told me that Etna erupted this past September. It shot up 7000 meters in the air and the earth quaked for one day. He said it was very scary. Several people in our team plan to rent a car and go to Etna tomorrow. Apparently many people can take tours to see the lava and walk through caves, etc…

There rest of the day was spent sight-seeing and taking photos. After dinner several of us got decked out to hit the town hopefully to go dancing. We found this really posh club, but nothing was happening there so instead we went to another trendy little café for drinks. Meg and I got yummy daiquiri’s. Three times throughout the evening we got harassed by guys selling flowers. They literally walked into the clubs, restaurants, etc… selling them. Finally Alex broke down and bought one.

The rest of the night we would show them the flower and say, “Already bought one”. It seemed to appease them and they’d walk off.

11.17.07 - Saturday

Day 1 of teaching for this week. Steve flew in from the UK. The topic was discipleship. We have to other guests visiting this week too. Daniel from the UK and Mario, a local Sicilian who’s volunteering his engineering skills to help our chief engineer. Mario brought us a treat for breakfast - Italian pastries filled with Nutella and custard. They were yummy!

We also had several Christians from a local church take a tour of the boat. Tomorrow evening we will travel to their church to worship with them. Steve did an amazing job teaching despite all the distractions. It was raining, so maintenance got canceled - thank you, Jesus! Instead we watched a video on Dean’s teaching about Angels, then after dinner our outreach groups met that evening.

11.18.07 - Sunday

We had teaching all morning. Also Daniel shared his story and provided info. on working with YWAM England. It was a great day. God was speaking and I felt the Holy Spirit’s presence. It was all for preparation for this evening. Our team was given the opportunity to preach and give our testimonies at a local church. Meinhard, Alex, Makayla, and Josias shared. They were amazing and gave powerful testimonies. Lehman wrapped it all up by inviting the church to come up for prayer. Over thirty people came forward and several fell out in the spirit. It was a four hour service! We all received prayer at the end. A man gave us prophetic words - it was moving! We were arm in arm with our Italian brothers and sisters in Christ and we felt completely at home.

11.19.07- Monday

The teaching was really good this morning. I was in a foul mood and having a tough time. After Meg and I talked I felt much better. Two Italian ladies from the church came on board to make us spagetti and eggplant. It was delicious, but I ended up eating a huge chunk of garlic that made me sick or maybe it was the oil? Anyways I had an upset stomack the rest of the evening - which was horrible because we were playing soccer (European football) this evening and I really wanted to play. On the way there I got extremely car sick from Mario’s driving. I ended up vomiting when we got there. Once I got some air I felt better and was able to play. It was so much fun. Simon ended up falling backwards and hitting his head on the astro turf. He couldn’t remember the game and was acting drunk, so they took him to the hospital to get a cat scan.

He ended up with a concussion, but was OK.

11.20.07 - Tuesday

Woke up to a weird dream I was having. It was bizarre! More teaching today… Also Daniel prayered for each of the students individually and gave prophetic words. We were given the afternoon off. Dan and I went to the Post Office and shopping. I spent three hours at the internet café and ended up missing dinner and my work duties - oops! That night everyone was hyper. We all had a great day. Our small groups met that evening and then I ran to the pizzeria at 10:20pm just before they closed. I was starving by then…. Delicious!

11.21.07 - Wednesday

Lehman talked about the history of Sicily and we had intercessory prayer for the pastor and the people here. Steve wrapped up his teaching on discipleship and we took communion with one another.

We all met to share prophetic word concerning outreach. We heard some exciting stuff. This evening we had a Thanksgiving celebration. Chicken, mashed potatoes, and squash… We explained our holiday to everyone who’s from other countries and talked about our family Thanksgiving traditions. Elias led us in worship. We all feel really blessed. I definitely have a lot to be thankful for!

11.22.07 - Thursday

Happy Thanksgiving to all my family and friends back home! We decided to not sail today. Instead we were given the day off. Everyone was thrilled. Several of us slept in. It was nice not having to get up at 7:30am. We went to an outdoor market this afternoon. Everything was soo cheap, plus you could bargain… I bought jewelry and some clothes. Everyone had a bag to bring home and was excited with their finds.

We were starving and made our way back to the boat for leftover mashed potatoes. I took an afternoon nap - which is a luxury and rarely possible. After dinner I worked on my blog and went to the internet café. Tomorrow we sail for Malta. I will really miss this place. We’ve loved being here. This city is a place of generosity!

rosaliej says:
Hi Ive read that you've been to Sicily. I was wondering...did you book accomedations before hand or did it while you were there. Can you recommend any hostels or cheap hotels that you stayed in throughout sicily.
Posted on: Feb 25, 2008
Johnb42 says:
It's really great that you enjoyed Sicily, it's a wonderful place and yes the people are very generous, I have been there and italy many times as i have family over there :)
Posted on: Nov 22, 2007
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