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11.04.07 - Sunday

I had to be up at 2am for sail duty. My shift was over at 4am, so I went back to bed. Woke up at 11:30am - had sail duty from noon - 4pm. During my shift we had a fire drill. Once everyone was on deck, Bexi came up with a B-day cake for Sarah. We all sang Happy Birthday. After dinner I went to bed.

11.05.07 - Monday

Another day at sea. I woke up and took a cold shoower - for some reason there was no hot water. I guess this is preparation for Africa. There will be no hot water there unless we boil it, but we’ll be so close to the equator that I imagine a cold shower will be refreshing. During my watch 12-4 a military helicopter hovered over the water and attempted a rescue exercise next to our boat. They radioed us. It was cool.

They were having fun with us - circling round and round. Everyone on board ran to get there cameras.

After lunch we had a man overboard exercise. Jarod put on a submersion suit and jumped overboard. After we rescued him, several people went swimming. I was still getting over a cold, so I stayed on deck and took photos. Lehman caught a HUGE sun fish with his bare hands. It was bizarre looking. (see photo). We also rescued a styrofoam box that was floating in the ocean. After dinner I watched a movie on my laptop in my bunk … Chicken Run - and of course I thought of Charles.

11.06.07 - Tuesday

I had 2-4am watch, then I went back to bed. We arrived in Italy at 10am. We were not able to find a port in Naples, so we went to a nearby town called Torre Annunziata.

After cleaning the ship and lunch, we went to town as a large group. We had two dogs join our group - one was a big male German Shepard; another was a small female mutt. They were our tour guides for the day and led us all over town. We walked for hours. Several other stray dogs started to follow us too. By the time we arrived in the city center we had eight dogs with us. The city was dirty and run down. There was nothing to do - all the stores were closed down, except a gelato shop. We all got treats. This was my first gellato experience. I loved it…. But still managed to share my dessert with the dogs.

Our group split into two. Eight of us (including me) took a cab back to the boat while the others took a train to Pompei. After dinner we had a ship meeting - Lehman informed us that the port officials gave us a ticket and charged us with a fine of 2000 Euros because of some port law we broke unknowingly.

We had to hire a port attorney to represent us and attend a hearing tomorrow to see if we can get the charges dropped. We felt like this was spiritual warfare and trusted that God would work through the situation. We spent time in prayer and prayed for Lehman. Afterwards we watched the movie Master and Commander.

11.07.07 - Wednesday

This morning we prayed again for Lehman and for today’s meeting with the Port Authorities. At 2:15pm he returned with good news. We were allowed to stay and the fine had been removed! All charges were dropped… Praise God!

All afternoon we had class. This week’s teacher was Dean Sherman. He looks just like Ned Flanders from the Simpson’s. We found out he is Ned! The creator of the Simpson’s is a friend of Dean’s.

He created Ned with Dean in mind. Dean was not able to physically be here, so we watched him on video. His teaching is on Spiritual Warfare. Isn’t it ironic that we were experiencing warfare at the same time as the teaching. That evening we watched the movie, Life is Beautiful. It’s a Italian foreign film about a Nazi concentration camp. It was sad, but meaningful.

11.08.07 - Thursday

Teaching day.. During a break I climbed off the boat and played with two dogs that lived on the dock. Both of them limped on their hind leg. They must have been hit by a car. Italians are the craziest drivers. They fly down the narrow road at extreme speeds. One night Makayla was almost hit by this guy driving backwards. I wasn’t feeling very cheerful today, we were on board all day.

Playing fetch with the dogs was the highlight of my day.

11.09.07 - Friday

Today we had a day off. At 9:30am seventeen of us took taxis to Pompei. Several people went through the city ruins left from the volcano. I went to the Cathedral. It was the biggest church I’ve ever been to. Every single wall and ceiling was adorned with gold and beautiful paintings. It was breath-taking! While I was at the Post Office, I met a very nice man in his 50’s. We chatted while waiting in line. His English was fairly good and we managed to understand one another with little difficulty. Then at 2pm the whole town shut down for a siesta. I ate my lunch and wandered around until I ran into Jon Paul. We met up with the others and walked around. Makayla stepped in dog poop. We all were cracking up as she yelled, “Get it off me!”. Meinhard managed to find a paper bag in the street to wipe it off he foot. (see photo -yes I took a pic of it)

We went to one of three internet café’s throughout the whole city. There was no WiFi at all. Then we did some last minute shopping before taking the train back home. Before going back to the boat, we stopped at a shop to get doughnuts. They were incredible! The best doughnut I have ever eaten…

After dinner Matt and I raced through the saloon to see who could get to the shower the quickest.. He did of course, but thankfully we have four showers. We had hot water - it felt amazing. Matt and I snuggled up in the sconcen - a little room in the bow of the boat, to watch the movie, Dannie Darko. It was bizarre. I don’t recommend seeing it.

11.10.07 - Saturday

Today Dan led worship. He created these cool videos of our experiences to go along with the music. That afternoon we had sail training with Cassie. I felt like I learned a lot. At 7:30pm a youth group came on board. Most all of them spoke Italian, so it was hard to communicate. Makayla, Jon Paul, and Dan gave their testimonies and Cassie talked about our Ministry while an interpreter translated. Cathy, Sarah, and Bob returned that evening after being away for a few days. Lydia and I had a meeting to discuss a misunderstanding that happened earlier that afternoon. She and I prayed together before I went to bed.

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photo by: Grpablo