Pissy man and retarded supershuttle staff at Sky Harbor Airport

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Wow. It's been a while since I've been so angry and surprised.

Landed at Sky Harbor Airport. It's small, very up-to-date with live baggage feeds on huge LCD screens at every luggage retrieval machine.

Got my luggage in record time and went out to the shared van area to let them know I arrived. Super Shuttle has this neat online reservation system so that there is a van ready for you (supposedly) and all you have to do is check in with the staff.

Enter blond, big-haired middle aged woman who unfortunately wasn't bright enough to just enter people's confirmation #'s as they approached. Many super shuttles passed by passengers waiting to check in and many super shuttles left without said passengers. Very frustrating. Big haired lady would say "I'll be right with you. And you. And you. Give me a minute" and then she would walk away, who knew when she would return. But it wasn't very comforting because she didn't seem to know what she was doing.

Got on van and driver was a total idiot. Although I had submitted the address and cross streets in my reservation he either didn't have them or didn't care to look so he kept asking me where it was and I had no freaking idea. So it's 11:00pm by the time we found the complex and luckily got in ok, but it was difficult to find the address-numbers and the driver kept asking which direction it was in.

I got out at one point because we thought we were close to the apartment number, but when I approached the doors, we were nowhere near her apartment. I told the driver I would walk but he said "I would feel better if you got in and we found it." Then this old man in the van BLEW HIS LID because he was pissed that I didn't know where I was going even though I explained I wasn't from here. He yelled and slammed the doors and did everything short of cursing at me. I was so shocked and the entire van got really quiet. I just felt bad for his wife.

Bus driver drove me back to the gate (entry) and I walked off with my luggage and found Eko's apartment in 2 minutes flat. It would have been nicer to get instructions earlier, but she gave me all the information I needed, the van driver was just too lazy to 1) map it out before I arrived and 2) stop at the complex directory before zooming by.

Man I'm glad to be out of there and into my friend's apartment. What a nightmare it's been so far...
acowboy says:
Our airport sucks... sorry, hopefully next time will be better..
Posted on: Jul 12, 2008
vances says:
It's a shame that Eko doesn't live in England. Then you could have found that flat in two minutes flat...

Fingers crossed that things get better (though I'm sure they will!).
Posted on: Nov 16, 2007
AndiPerullo says:
Aw, hang in there love. I know it's gonna get better! XOXOX
Posted on: Nov 16, 2007
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