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 The first bus ride of the day was fairly short: we went to a carpet-making school. We saw the entire process in reverse - the girls working at the looms, how the yarn is dyed and what natural items are used for what colors, and the process by which they unwrap the cocoons. The man who dyes the yarn doesn’t speak any English, but he memorized a speech about his work, complete with jokes. He showed us the indigo vat, and lifted out some of the yarn. It was yellow when he removed it, but within a few seconds the whole thing had turned blue. I know it was just oxidization, but it still looked like magic. I also learned that silk is actually worm spit: their cocoons are made with saliva. The school owner provided drinks for all of us, and showed us several dozen rugs. There was a small silk one we really wanted to buy, and it would have been wonderful in our house, but we just couldn’t afford it - so we took a picture. Another member of our group ended up getting it for $1900. The next bus trip was a couple of hours. I tried reading on the way, but had to give it up after a while because I was getting carsick. I’ve determined that I don’t like bus travel. I do just fine on planes (which is good, or the transatlantic trip would have been even worse) and trains, but on a bus I tend to get sick. I’d like to find some Dramamine soon, because we still have a lot of bus time ahead of us. We finally reached Miletus to look at the ruins there, but the first thing my girlfriend and I saw was a mother dog who had come to greet the bus. We had been snacking on cookies, so we gave her a couple - she was very grateful. As our group climbed the stairs into the theater, someone heard squeaking and pointed out puppies off in a corner. When our guide finished the lecture in the theater, we went and took pictures of the puppies. At our next stop, Didyma, I got to carry a stray cat around the entire Temple of Apollo. He was absolutely filthy, in desperate need of an ear mite treatment, and he shed a lot of fur all over me - but he was so very sweet. He kept mushing my face and purring at me; a couple of times he climbed onto my shoulders and at one point I had my arm extended horizontally and he was clinging to it as if it were a narrow tree branch. The rest of the day was spent driving, and we didn’t get to Pamukkale until 7:30. We put on our bathing suits under our clothes and had a quick dinner before heading to the thermal pool. They keep it at 48°C (which is about 118°F), but because it’s indoors all the steam stays close to the water and it’s hard to breathe. So we didn’t stay there long, but it felt very good. It was hard to get to sleep because there was a party going on somewhere (and then they brought our laundry back at 11:30 when we weren’t expecting it until the next day).
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photo by: wanderingluster