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The plane left the gate, moved onto a taxiway…and sat there. It turned out to be an electrical problem, so we had to go back to the gate and shut off the engine so a mechanic could fix the problem and sign the necessary paperwork to certify the plane for takeoff. Of course once that was done, we had to wait while they topped off the gas tanks - I guess they’re not allowed to leave for transatlantic flights if the tank isn’t full, and we had burned up gas sitting for so long.

The flight itself was free of problems: no turbulence, and we got our vegetarian meals (cheese lasagna, a salad with no dressing, a hard rye-like cracker with some butter, a small bunch of grapes, and water). I didn’t feel well and a flight attendant was really helpful.

One guy in the row ahead of us kept trying to sneak a cigarette in the bathroom, and when he was ordered not to he became very agitated and started acting out, which scared the passengers around him. Several flight attendants spoke to him, one mentioning he would be arrested in Amsterdam and would not be permitted to fly Northwest Airlines again. At one point we watched him get up and try to physically persuade an attendant of something; she immediately took a big step back and made him sit down. The helpful flight attendant told us later that if he bothered us, to report it immediately: he had tried to ask one of the other female crew members for sex. Something other than a nicotine craving was wrong with this guy, and it couldn’t have helped that he had several beers over the course of the flight.

I didn’t sleep much, and I don’t think my girlfriend did either as a result. The weather was bad in Amsterdam so we had to circle once over the English Channel and again over the airport itself before we were cleared to land.
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I â€™m going to try keeping a journal; we’ll see how it goes.

The theme of our trip so far has been “Transit Woes.” A short piece of road near our house was closed due to flood conditions, so we had to go the long way around. Fortunately that route was passable, so we didn’t lose too much time. Check-in at Dulles was reasonably painless, and we were at our gate with time to spare. Even boarding was okay, and we were settled quickly.
angie says:
"Transit Woes" --isn't that the theme of every trip? =)
Posted on: Dec 15, 2005