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Wednesday, 10.17.07 - 10.19.07

At 8am we set sail for Marseille, France. There were rough seas - I tossed and turned in bed. At 12pm I had sail duty. Within 20 minutes I was sea sick and puking over the side of the boat. At 4pm my watch was over, then I went straight to bed. I felt aweful in my bunk and puked again until I cried. We were sailing through a HUGE STORM with a gail force 11 or 12. There were times when we were not even moving forward because the waves kept knocking us backwards. I felt so miserable that I went up on deck to get fresh air. I took my blanket and pillow with me. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The waves were massive. Lightening was all around. I made a bed on the deck and fell fast asleep. Out of nowhere a huge wave came over the boat and crashed down directly on me and tried to wash away my pillow.

I rescued it before it floated across the deck and then made my way into the wheelhouse.

Then as fast as I could, I climbed down the stairs and went into the saloon. Bodies were lined around the benches. Everyone was too sick to go down to there bunks. There was no bench space available, so I collapsed down on the floor and covered myself up in my soaking wet blanket. I put my hood from my coat over my head so I wouldn’t feel the wetness of my pillow and there I lay. A sea of people laid about the room. Each one of us trying to cope with the immense pain in our heads and terrible upset stomachs.

This sail was only supposed to be a 48 hour sail, although because of the storm and sailing against the current - it took 15 extra hours to arrive in Marseille. For three days I could not eat and I drank very little water. My body ached, my head pounded, and my stomach was in knots. It was as though you were on a roller coaster and couldn’t get off. I was in sheer agony! Torture is the only word to describe the experience and even that doesn’t do it justice. All I could think about was going home. I was planning to pack my bags once we reached land. I couldn’t take anymore.

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photo by: kristinasub