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So, it's Monday.  I arrived on Saturday.  Thank GOD for business class upgrades!  I wrenched my back out last Wednesday (it's something I do every few years, just for fun).  Thanks to intensive massage efforts from several MTs, lots of ibuprofen, and my trekking pole, I am getting better.

But an unreliable back and coach would have been a tough ride.  I could have done it but....

Thank heavens I also forgot my passport and had to run home to get it before going to the airport because I also grabbed my trekking pole as a "well, this might be helpful" kind of thing.  It made a huge help in transit.  For one thing, people didn't get nearly as irritated with me as the might have when they saw my using the pole.  Also, when the back would spasm for a few minutes, I had something to lean on.

I was tempted to whack the odd rude traveller with it but refrained myself.  Probably would have hurt my back even more getting that good backhand going.....

I do, once again, have a HUGE appreciation for what the locomotivally-challenged deal with on a regular basis.  I can't for the life of me figure out why major transit centers (like subways) don't have elevators for people who can not go up and down steps.  If they have them in the Tube in London, I couldn't find them.  I'm not sure the Metro in Paris does either.  Navigating steps with luggage, a trekking pole, and a "could spasm at any moment" back was a real challenge. 

(We were in the queue to take off at JFK for almost 2 hours!  Holy cow!)

Jeff met me at Heathrow.  Oh, it was good to see him again after a month!  Just to breathe in his scent and feel the tickle of his beard on my cheek was a delight.  I don't even mind his snoring (for now).

He used points to get us into a very posh Marriott right smack dab in downtown London.  Ooooh la la!  Fluffy blankets, loads of pillows, lots of gleaming wood and thick carpets, obsequious staff....don't want to do it every day but it sure was nice for one night!

We dropped the luggage and got, ah, reacquainted and then strolled out for a bit o' London. 

To see what we did that first day, check the next entry! 

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photo by: ulysses