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Denmark and Copenhagen imparticular is large place to get around in without a car. If your planning on getting around plan on walking, biking, bus travel, or the train/subway system. All are very effective ways to get around clipper tickets which are card's with 10 separate rides are currently costing 120 kroners and thats about 25 U.S dollars if your wondering. Clipper tickets are good for 2 hours from the time of the initial clip...just remember if your on a bus or train and your clipper is bad or has not been clipped than your expected to pay the 500 ($100) fine right there on the spot if you dont have a cpr card(residency card). so dont forget. bikes are very effective everyone has a bike here so its not "different" to have to ride a bike. You can walk but its a lot of walking. Cars are basically pointless with gas at 10.50kroner avg a liter or about $2.50 per liter and with 4 liter=gallon its  about 10 a gallon its not exactly cheap. so when your visiting Denmark think about how your going to get around it will make it easier to plan your trip.
Chokk says:
Rather funny when you have been used to these prices all your life:D
Posted on: Nov 20, 2007
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photo by: the_bill