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so being here the past couple weeks has taught me one thing about scandanavia as a whole. IT IS COLD. so if your planning on going to any of the scandanavian countrys here is a tip jackets are the greatest thing since being warm blooded. Not only a regular jacket but also its always good to bring either a pancho or some kind of light rain coat in Denmark espesially rain can flair up any time, and being that I'm from arizona and it never really RAINS there yeah i know its a desert but there is nothing compaired to rain here one story i have that really well puts this into perspective is. I was down in the city of copenhagen by new kings Square. Being new to the danish life i felt i should do some exploring well i had my Clipper ticket (All around needed transpo ticket get one if your here) and a sweatshirt and a jacket over that along with my bike...well i rode my bike down to the square and then after that i rode up to Fiskatorvit which is the mall in copenhagen. By the time i got out of the mall and unlocked my bike and started riding for about 5 minutes it started to sprinkle nothing big but i did have about a 20 minute ride ahead of me. but Thinking nothing of it i kept riding. Mind you theres really no place to stop and get under anything cus i'm over on sydhavn which is a new residential area. well by the time i got back I was dripping head to toe and now i never leave without my pancho...but since then it hasnt rained...of course...but if i had a car you know it would Poor...
well thank you for reading this and i hope you will  check back soon...
Chokk says:
It is not that cold - you get used to it after 20-30 years:D
Posted on: Nov 20, 2007
sarahelaine says:
how cold? I'm going on Friday - getting worried! Colder than Boston?
Posted on: Nov 14, 2007
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photo by: the_bill