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Somehow we r the Queens of delay these few days. Due to insufficient fuel, we had to stop over in Taipei on our way to singapore from San Fran. Lucky its only a 1.5hrs delay and mob is still accessible from the airport terminals that i was able to inform my friend of our flight delay.

Blessed with many good friends in my life, one of them happen to be in spore for his holiday at the moment and has kindly accepted my "invitation" to him on escorting 2 absolutely gorgeous ladies around the lion City. He took us for a foot reflexlogy to pamper our hard worked shopping feet, took us to eat scrumptious chicken rice and froggies =P, fulfilled our coffee addiction and then tamed us with bit of window shopping in a newly built shopping complex in town. He my friend is what i classify as a lady's man. A man who can read ladies mind and know instinctly how to react... maybe its to do with living with mostly women in his life..n boy..u've done well today... brownie points there!!! XD

Feeling tired at the moment but trying hard to stay awake and be active.. i've finished a 16hr flight, 6 hours of checking out spore and now waiting patiently for my connecting flight to syd..So its not an average everyday task so have to try to train and tame the brain u c..gotta let it do what u want it to do rather than it taking over my life..hmm.....

I am hoping for a do nothing be a vegetables for my time in sydney...ok..mayb i can squeeze in bit of booozing and napping n boozing n napping. XD Alrite..i gotta do the sydney harbour bridge climb as well.. i promised myself that i will do it the next time i go to sydney..well who could hav guessed that the NEXT actually came so i guess i have no choice... well i do but its either do it OR do it..so u c..i have to DO it! u get it..do it or do it.. ok fine lame lame but its soo funny when it came in mind.. n seriously as long as i think its funny its funny..its MY blog so i say its FUNNY ...i RULZ hehehee..ok..i think my brain just mal - function...gotta turn it off now n get to the gate..

Boring blog this one.. just a means to spend my boarding Waaaaaiiiiittttt time away..N if u r reading this blog.. i just managed to kill some of UR time too =P..So YES, i accept your thankfulness and if u really r that gratefully.. tipping will be accepted gracefully...ok..better run to the gate NOW.. Bye



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