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For some reason my last entry in San Diego did not register... anyway.. i guess i'll hav to bak track for nex time

I am currently stuck in the LA airport since 11am this morning and now its 5pm. San Francisco is experiencing turbulance weather so our flight from New York has to diver to LA instead. So after 1/2 of my passion book, 2 coffees, 1 coke and 1 large pizzas..i am still here and breathing.

The lady sitting rite in front of me now is chucking a big temper.. upset, crying etc on the fone..about how her bags have been checked to Denver n she is stuck here.. somthing about all her make ups..clothes etc..cant get to work bla bla bla.. very negative!! ahahaa.. amazingly when she put down her fone..i c no tears.. must b a great actress!! Drama queen... hehehehe

Oh well i feel blessed..coz hey even though i'm waiting in the airport at least i didnt crash while trying to land in the stormy i think i definitely have a better deal!..WEll Nat n i r actually quite indifferent becoz it would hav been an absolute not productive day anyway usually after our morning flight... Thinking of the big ass $25 crabs in SF at the moment.. its keeping me alive..yum yum yum!! give me give me...drool drool...

Nothing much apart from that..its way too early in Perth at the one is on messenger toking to me..even au is actually off line!! shockinz

well write more next time..mayb i'll catch up in Syd..but i doubt anyone will b reading this.. more of a blog for myself!! If u hav comments let me know.. i'll like to know how freaking POPULAR i am hahahahaa..just jokes!

Love from LA =P



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