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Yes.. we did get to San Fran..thanx goodness for that!! N i survived a 6hr flight trip and 6hrs of flight delay in LAX with my beautiful Hitler! ahahaa actually she has been very good considering we were pretty tired.. This can only mean one thing.. We r stunning compatible.. if i am a man.. i think she would marry me ahaha..coz i certainly wont marry her! hahaa..just jokes.. she is still my BABE! n i think she knows me well enouf to tell i'm joking.. (or am i???) anyway..not like she reads my blog.. way too busy with her XXX and ZZZ and maybe a YYY..wonder what a XYZ child would look like??? hmmmmm...fascinating

We arrived at San Fran at 8pm but unluckily only one of our luggage came thru..yes.. mine.. hehee.. so 2 of her luggages were stuck n so did one of mine..hmm somehow we went from 1 luggage each half filled to 2 fully packed up luggages EACH... U wouldnt believe we were very excited about NOT getting our luggage.. the first thing we tot was.. hey..i wonder if i can claim my AMEX insurance.. $$$ signs started popping out in the air, on the carousel and on top of the head of all passengers!!!.. We got soooo excited and started giggling while the people looked at us p*ssed offly since it was such a freaking long flight and ALL the flights into SFan were cancelled till about 3pm!

So we joyfully went up to the counter to fill out the forms and we even asked for a "refreshing" pack as we did not have anything with us..N i tell you the packs we got were fantastic.. contain shampoo, conditioner, tooth brush, tooth paste, deoderant, perfume, shaver cream and shaver..all of H2O brand..hey..that better than all the stuff in my missing bag..felt like a total winner! I SCORE BIG TIME DUDE!!! ahahaha

So we quite happily left the airport and the luck got even better..our taxi driver is a very friendly lebanese.. ( i think) ..he is sooo cool n told us everything about San Fran. We asked him what he was doing during the morning storm..he said he was saying people from the flood..of course he was joking lah.. but it was darn funny..really brightened our mood to the hotel...And then the radio was playing the Phantom's song just as we drove passed the bays bridge!! The sight was soo amazing.. i truly felt that everything happened jus for that moment! I am grateful.

After checking in the hotel we walked down to 7-11 and i tell you i have never missed cup noodles like last nite!!! Totally content with one while watching Grace n Will or somthing.. i'm never good with titles..

We went on the hop on n off bus today to see san francisco.. its great for those like us who hav no clue at all about the city n yet we saw lots of it n get to learn bit about the culture and its history from the tour not ask me to repeat coz i have a brain of a fish of 3seconds!! but i think i got my $'s worth..that is quite important u c!! XD

Then my new step sis in San Fran took us out for a nice dinner at the R&C Lounge or somthing like that.. crabs n lobsters n veg we had..came to a total of $125 (already inclusive of tax n tips)!! Dude this is CHEAP ASSS...crabs alone in WA cost $220!!!! Then we headed nearby for a cocktail and great girly chat!! To my end i felt we have progressed a little further in our "relationship" longer just strangers being put together at awkward family dinners... felt i've gained a friend...even for just tonite...She has given one profound tot tonite..that ur achievement reflects ur effort.... Thank you my friend.. i will keep that in mind..

This draws a conclusion for tonite..after all it is already 1:23am.. off to bed now.. I was told to not leave SF until i c the Golden Bridge.. but dunno man.. Union Square with its shopping items r calling out to me.. well i'll c what comes into my dream tonite then i'll decide for tomolo XD

Nite from Fisherman's Wharf =P







travelman727 says:
Nice blog :-D San Francisco is one of our most beautiful U.S. cities :-D
Posted on: Jan 06, 2008
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