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Today is Tuesday 18 Dec 07. Just happened to be Nat's birthday. Happy Birthday NAT...And you know what they say..that if u dont already know its actually celebration of the fruits of your parents having s*x. 

Anyway..managed to drag myself out of bed about 515am..thanks to my snoring dog Oliver, whose snore is not even close to my bro ..nevertheless it woke me up just in time. Got ready in the dark since the light bulb has gone busted in the bathroom for nearly a whole week, but its not my fault that i have a life to attend to.

Counting down of 3 days before my departure to LA. The unexcitement has been further worsen by the fact that AUS $1 is now buying US$0.8310..I am not a happy chappy at all. Its the best i could get today.. The first stop at the currency exchange store was showing 0.8310. As i walked in and asked about the commission in changing AUS$500, he quoted me .."well including everything that would be $400".. $400?? i mean.. i didnt bring my calculator with me..but thats like 0.8!

Dude.. if u gonna make some $ out of someone carrying only her least give her some decimal figures like 402.5 or 401.67 or somthing! Geez....Must be the asian thing! U know in the country where we asians are foreigners.. being an asian himself should be kind to his own kind! But then i guess he is just a japanese.. But what??...didnt bother him that he probably killed my great grandparents during the World War? That even now in 2007 he is not able to show ME some compassion and kindness and give me at least US $450 for my AUS$500! Pfffft...

And in my time in need i found the little indian $ exchange store.. Money Grab or Flight Centre Travel Money cant work out the names..the was shining at pointing me towards it..

0.8310..0.8310.. NO commission........Anyway.. i got my $ changed n even came out with a service of "have a nice day" ah..... very good! I will b a return customer Mr. Indian!

Oh well..i'm officially 3/4 ready in terms of packing... now just hav to dry my jeans n mayb buy thick socks... hmmm... ok..back to work =P









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