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Today we went to the beautiful town of Lindos. It is built on the foot of a hill with a fortress on top of that hill. The village is your typical travel-brochure classic depicture of a Greek village. Bright white houses with sky-blue details, narrow meandering streets and a church on every corner. Although almost all of the visitors come for the fortress, but the place itself is definitely worth a visit. People who have no sense of direction and don't speak Greek, must be guided by someone who has or does! Even though I have the abilities of a homing pigeon, even I got stuck in that labyrinth. Here in Lindos, I was thankful the car was so small. I had to back out of several dead end streets, or turn on someone's yard because I'd mistaken their drive for an actual (but tiny) street or passage.

After finding a place to park our purple shoebox, we went up to the fortress. To get up there, basically there are two ways. (At least, if you do not count being dropped from a helicopter :P) One can climb the never-ending steps or get a ride on a donkey's back. For us, the latter is no option. Though not vegetarian, we are firmly against animal cruelty. That also includes the exploitation of animals for tourists. We do not go swimming with dolphins in a basin, we do not give money to the monkeyman, we don't see dog- , cock- or bullfights and we do not wrestle with alligators just for the 'fun' of it. With pack-animals however, the choice is not so easy. Millennia ago, these animals were already domesticated. So, if you're a local and you use a horse to plough your land, you don't hear us complaining.
If you are exploring the earth and join a caravan you stumbled upon in the desert, I'd say riding the camel makes more sense. However, these donkeys had to carry well-fed, rich and lazy tourists to the top and back. Day in, day out. Steps up, steps down. What a life. You will understand, we decided on walking up there.

Once you are op there, you are guaranteed drop-dead gorgous panoramas! Those afraid of heights and those with vertigo, should definitely close their eyes until they have reached the top and then stay away from the edge. Those less easily scared should take in the view and, of course, make photos for TravBuddies who haven't been there yet :)

Sweetski says:
You're more than welcome, May, and of course you're counted! :)
Posted on: Dec 17, 2011
Sweetski says:
I remember reading all about that, yes. So glad you survived too...; now you were able to spoil me with you radiating smile and lovely comments :)
Posted on: Feb 24, 2011
sylviandavid says:
After my crazy, horrible ride in Santorini... never again .... so glad I lived and the beast survived.
Posted on: Feb 24, 2011
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photo by: dardeb