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While in Buenos Aires I got to experience something that few get to.  We went to see “Cosi Fan Tutte” at the Teatro Colon which is considered one of the finer opera houses in the world.  Everything about it from the amazing architecture to the incredible orchestra to the nearly flawless acoustics was a great experience that I would recommend to everyone.
            When first presented with the option to see an opera at Colon my mind immediately went in two directions.  The first instinct was to not want to go because simply put: I don’t like operas.  It’s not that I’m immature or uncultured; far from it.  I love symphonies of all kinds and I can only think of one or two plays here and there that I didn’t care for, but something about the combination of the two tends to equal sleepiness for me.  However, my second instinct was to remember how beautiful the opera house was from our tour there a few days prior.  No matter what was playing there I knew that I would be foolish to pass up an opportunity to see an event at this venue.
            As soon as we entered the theater I knew I had made the right choice no matter how boring the show might be.  Sitting at the top of the theater near the mural-covered ceiling and overly-elaborate chandelier, I could look down on all 8 levels of seating to a great view of the stage.  I had heard in the tour that microphones were never used in performances due to the great acoustical design of the chamber so I was interested in seeing how well I would be able to hear from that far up.  The opera from a storyline standpoint ended up being exactly what I expected: easily predictable and not entertaining.  However, I was incredibly amazed at how loud and clear the performers voices were.  Every word was easily discernable and very clear.  Well, at least I think it was.  The play was in Italian which I don’t speak, but another entertaining part, at least for me, was practicing my Spanish by reading all the subtitles displayed above the stage.  I managed to follow the story quite well, which led me to my conclusion that the story wasn’t very good.  Everything else about the night from the music to the view to the overall atmosphere was fantastic.  I recommend it to everyone as a “must-see” in Buenos Aires.

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