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My mom got here last night. I swear she told me she was flying from Zurich.... so I was waiting for he flight in terminal 1 at the airport for like 10 minutes! Then I said to myself, "Self, this can't be right." So, I looked at Munich and there her flight number was! So, I quickly walked to terminal 2 and picked her up. We just chilled last night... you know, to rest of for the greatness of today. We got up at 7:00, ate breakfast, bought my mom a month long pass, (probably be about the same as buying a one time ticket over and over again for a week) and headed to Hlavni Nadrazi to purchase a ticket to Kutna Hora. The one hour trip there was quite quick! I liked that. We made our walk to the main square and on the way stopped to see the Ossuary. This place is pretty neat, but kind of freaky. Here is some information on it from my Lonely Planet Guide:

When the Schwarzenberg family purchased Sedlec monastery in 1870 they allowed a local woodcarver to get creative with the bones that had been piled in the crypt for centuries. But this was no piddling little heap of bones; it was the remains of no fewer than 40,000 people. The result was spectacular: garlands of skulls and femurs are strung from the vaulted ceiling like Adam's Family Christmas decorations, while in the center dangles a vast chandelier containing at least one of each bone in the human body. Four giant pyramids of stacked bones squat in each of the corner chapels, and crosses, chalices and monstrances of bone adorn the altar. There's even a Schwarzenberg coat- of- arms made from bones.

Now, this was neat. For some reason I was expecting it to be HUGE... maybe something to do with the BONES OF 40,000 PEOPLE!!! But, it was actually quite small. It is definitely a must see. After seeing this, my mom and I continued on our journey to the main square.... 20 minutes later we were there. I was sad, because my digital camera died on that journey and for some reason I did not bring any back up film for my REAL camera (he he). I got some good shots, but others were sadly lost and I must only reach deep inside my memory in the future! We had lunch at Pizza Novona. It was nice and the food was not that bad. Kutna Hora is a nice town. It was very quiet today and it seemed as if no one truly lived there! I suggest going when people are out an about. The stone fountain in cool, but St. Barbora church is amazing! I wish I could have captured this gem! Plus, the grounds are well kept and there is a spectacular view from behind the church. I hope that some of you can make your way here. It was very enjoyable... calm, but enjoyable!
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Kutna Hora
photo by: Stevie_Wes