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It is amazing how fast things can change... and how fast people can change on you. My lovely roommates are no longer that. Just because I am leaving earlier than expected does not mean that we can't enjoy the time i have left! Am I right? I feel like they are crazy bitter toward me and I just do not know what to think about that. i can't help that my plans changed without me even wanting them to. Things happen and we have to deal with that. I think my roommates need a lesson in this philosophy of life. Anyway I hope that they change their ways before I go back home in 12 days! For I feel they will be sad in the end. However, the way they are acting is making me want to go home even more! My mom gets here on Friday and all will be a bit better since I will spend time showing her around. I think we have decided not to go to Austria because the train that we would need to take leaves like 30 minutes after her plane lands. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! Ha ha, such is life and life goes on. I still plan to show her as much of Prague as possible! I am pretty excited. I never thought I would get to show a family member or friend around the town, none of them can afford it. Heck I barely made it!!

It was warmer last week with blue skies and the week we are ending has been cold an dreary. Hopefully this coming week will be warmer again! This city is truly beautiful and I am thankful that I was able to live here for three months. Only three months you say! Yes, but I have learned so much about myself and others and how I interact with them. I have decided that I have a strong will and if I want something I work very hard for it. This can be a good/ bad thing, so I must be careful.

The other day I went around taking pictures of Graffiti in my neighborhood and I think I came across a piece by the popular London based graffiti artist Banksy. I need to go back and see if his name is near the piece. I am really hoping it is, that would be awesome!

Well, in 12 days I hope that there is not any crazy bitter sour-ness between me and any of my roommates, that would be just too sad.
sybil says:
damn, sorry about the drama. :(
Posted on: Feb 02, 2008
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