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Can't believe I made the flight. I was told it would leave at 10pm over the phone when I booked it. At 3:30pm, I, or rather my dear mother, noticed it was actually at 8pm. I had to get a move on what with having to check in 3hrs before, Time was of the essence. With a stroke of luck with the trains and some running, made it.

The flight to Dubai was alright, fed well and a movie too, I would say it was pleasent. Luckily, I was sat next to an oldish feller who was good to talk to, in the sense that I could doze off and not feel rude. I'm sure some of you know what I mean.

Dubai airport, is just how you might imagine. It stretches out quite far and narrow, with palm trees along the side. I had 3 hrs to kill so thought I'd have a beer and for the 1st time in a while, have a ciggie with it whilst sat in the bar. Quite a luxury wouldn't you say fellow smokers. After a few of the latter, it was time to bourd the ship. The one thing I hate about getting on planes and finding your seat, is that you have to pass the "upper class/ Buisness class" sections until you see the place your about to spend a good 16 hours of your life in. It gets me. I vowed that one fine day, I will buy one of those seat's. 

There is a god! There it was. Window seat, nobody sat there, it was my lucky day. I waited until we were on the runnway before I could really relax. And boy was is great. One hears storys about having seats to themsleves, but it never usually happens to me. Every dog etc...

So, legs stretched over seats, G+T in hand and movie about to start, I was happy. The flight to Perth went really quick. I was quite surprised. I thought it might drag on, but to my relief, it didn't. Going through customs at Perth airport wasn't as bad as I thought. In that I wasn't asked to open my luggage or even show my visa. It was straight through no hassle. When I was outside, I was greeted by a warm breeze and the night. I sat down, lit up and happily told myself, I had made it.  

                                                           To be continued..................

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