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us having coctails and lounging about

Picking up where the last entry stopped....

The actual wedding consisted of a four hour ceremony. Since we were friends of the groom, we made up the ‘Bharati’, which is basically the party that escorts the groom to the house of the bride where the wedding is held. Three drummers in front, then us in nice Indian clothes, me in a borrowed sari (made me really happy to finally have a chance to wear a sari again since it is one of the most comfortable dresses available and makes anyone look instantly festive), and then the carriage with the groom and his father. The procession halted in fromt of the house, where the brides relatives came and with all sorts of rituals hailed the groom into the house, with us following. The actual wedding ceremony took four hours with the groom having to go through al kinds of ceremonies by himself first, later joined by the bride.

the facade of the house
After that: party, with a large band (loud!!!), more food (lots!!!) and us being quite exhausted by now.

Since it was the kings daughter that was getting married, the local people also got their share of festivities and the Raj had organized plays and banquets for the villagers in an area next to the official wedding site. We went to see a bit of the plays one night and caused quite a stir, especially me being white and all. The play was instantly forgotten and all 600 villagers’ eyes were resting firmly on me. Right. The actors were obviously terribly annoyed by this sudden lack of interest in their performance so five minutes and some pictures later we thought it better to leave. So much for the integration attempt. It was all in all quite an event.


Whether it was due to exhaustion or whether I ate or drank something wrong I don’t know but the next day I was quite sick.

the carriage for the groom, with the tank in the background
Unluckily, since everyone was traveling back by train that night the day was spent doing some more sightseeing in the area. Unluckily, because, since the car that would take the group to the station would drop me of in Bodhgaya before that, I went along with the sightseeing though feeling really unwell and getting sicker as the day progressed. By the time I arrived in Bodhgaya, after about 6 hours of car rides and interesting sights (which I’ m sure were really nice but all I was interested in was concentrating on standing up, walking and not collapsing) except from having a (very) upset stomach I had developed quite a high fever and wanted to do nothing but sleep.

The first sort of acceptably priced hotel we ran into I took, and the world sort of seemed to just not exist after that anymore. Lights went out, both in the room and in my head...until about one minute later they flashed back on, first in my head and then in the room, since I suddenly realised I had forgotten to ask my guidebook back form one of the people in the group.

the play for the villagers
Thankfully I had bought an Indian simcard in Delhi and so could call someone. The Bodhgaya phone network is however not as reliable as, say, the Dutch, so none of the calls went through. I finally resorted to sending everybody that I had a number of an sms and amazingly one arrived. Fifteen minutes later they brought my book back and the lights went out again (room first, then head) and the world once more seized to exist (well at least from my point of view, I’m sure you all have other theories about that). 

The next morning I went and moved to the Tibetan temple, but that is for another episode…

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us having coctails and lounging ab…
us having coctails and lounging a…
the facade of the house
the facade of the house
the carriage for the groom, with t…
the carriage for the groom, with …
the play for the villagers
the play for the villagers
the bride and groom going through …
the bride and groom going through…
coctailbar fireworks
coctailbar fireworks
Bodh Gaya
photo by: Stevie_Wes