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nov 17. cebu city

blog entry: bye bye Cebu.....

Wow...last day in Cebu now. It's been 3 wonderfull days. One thing that struck me about Cebu is that people seems
to be more honest here then in Manila. In Cebu I never once had to remind a taxi driver to turn on the meter or
even argue price with him, in Manila that happens 4 out of 6 times :), not calculateing the convenient lack of
change that's allways a problem for Manila drivers - that was never ever a problem in Cebu either. And then even
though on the entertainment side Manila has more to offer then Cebu, Cebu is by far more beautyfull then Manila.
So at one point it's really hard to say good bye to this oasis.

Anyway I had to check out at noon - which meant that even though I could store my suitcase in the hotel I would
still have to cary all my valueables with me untill my flight left at 5:45pm - so I made a decition to make this the most relaxing day of my entire
trip. After checkout I went down to the hotels pool bar - and just sat there with a good book and loads of coffee
and coke. Had my lunch there as well. For once the wheater was splendid so that was really really nice :)

Joeven came around 1:30am to go with me to the airport - and that was also a bit weird, saying good bye to him after
spending the better parts of 3 days together. It has been fun, it has been full of lessons both on personalities,
culture and expectations - so I really hated saying good bye to him as much as I hated saying good bye to Cebu - but
that's what life is all about people and places meet, they part and with any luck they meet again.But yes strange it

Belive it or not the flight was ON TIME! I have acctually been wondering if there is such a thing as an domestic
flight within the Philippines that is on time as scheduled but we were :) - and just as we took off I was very sad
that I did put my camera in the bottom of my back because as I sat there by the window with the magnificant evening
view from an Airbus 319 over Cebu it just took my breath away....but and learn :)

Well back in Manila the fun started.....first the wait for the suitcase, then the wait for a taxi (felt like the
entire population of Manila was in the domestic airport just to get a taxi) and when it was finally my turn the REALLY
fun part started all over again...."Remember to reset the meter"! Then he wanted to go on fixed price - I did not,
then he wanted to have an aditional 30 PhP because gasoline is expensive....and I just kept telling him "You are not
allowed to do that"....what happend? Well..I paid my 95 Php for the taxi ride, he lost his 50 Php tip and he got the
meter started like 700 meters in to the ride....don't they ever learn?

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