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So it's time to get back home. 2:30am check out from the hotel and then off to get a taxi to the airport. The fun thing was acctually that as we aproached Ninoy Aquino International Aiport the radio started playing "The Actor" by the danish group Michael Learns to Rock......wow....I thought, that was a wierd time to hear that song...on the other side of the world and on my way back to Scandinavia.

Well....check in opend pretty fast after my arrival so I just wanted to get that part done - however I was a bit nervous about the suitcase as I knew from experience that with my suitcase being this full it would be somewhere between 20- 25 kg. and I did have a free baggage of 20 kg. Now I've never paid extra for haveing up to 5 kg. to much but then again I have onley been on a Cathay Pacific flight before besides going here with a much lighter suitcase so I did not either know how strict they would be. As I put my suitcase on the band the wheight said 23,5....but he ignored it.....THANK GOD. Now that's over it was going through the terminal fee and imigration booth.....well that did take up some time....especially in imigration....theese ladies seems to have all the time in the world...effieciency is definately not what they are paid for :)

After completeing final security check I went for the duty free shop to buy cigarettes - and got a chock. They claimed 820 Php for a cartonage of Marlboro. I had chosen to buy my cigarettes in the airport as useually the duty free shop is the cheapest - but not here - in Manila a cartonage would cost me 370 Php, in Cebu 330 Php and here - 820!!!!!!! I dont belive it....but okay it's still more then half the price of back home, but it still struck me as weird.

Anyway haveing that done I bought a few snacks for the flight and started walking towards the gate as I was aproached by a nicely dressed Aiport official who said that the business class lounge was not so bussy this morning so she wanted to offer me to come up there with free wi fi, coffee, breakfast and smokeing area for the incredible small sum of 400 Php. YES! THANK YOU I WOULD LOVE THAT!

Well.....5.45...time to board the plane for Hong Kong....

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photo by: Deats