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The Rizal Execution site showing the story before and dureing Rizal's martyrium.

Recovering from the loss of Cebu wasn't quite as hard as it felt yesterday. I had set up meetings with two people that I've met online, and meeting nice positive people is allready a joy.

The day started acctually at lunch with Hernie. I allready met him on my second day here and that meeting was a pure joy so we decided to meet up for lunch (at Jollibee hehe) and did spend a couple of hours together.

After that I continued on my own down United Nations Blvd. all through to Roxas Blvd. - decided to make a right turn trying to escape a horsetaxi driver who kept beging me for a ride around the block.

The suddently I was at Rizal Park and thought "WHAT?" - I wasn't in this part of the park the first evening I was here.

The Rizal Monument at the Roxas end of Rizal Park.
Obviously I thought that the park ended at the statue of the first filipino freedom fighter Lapu - Lapu. Because of the dark. But now I just realised that it's twice the size. So I walked around the Rizal monument did the obvious tourist pictures and went inside the exhibition of Rizal's execution site. Really marvelously made where the main exhibit is made out of theese bronze statues that shows how the spanish shot Dr. Rizal in the back, and the sorounding exhibit shows the story prior to his execution.

Walking further down Rizal Park the next atraction was the Chineese Garden. It's acctually quite an oasis and a small piece of freedom from the sorounding metropolis. If you are lucky then you can acctually see people do Tai Chi here as well.

After finishing with the park I walked down through the forrest park on the other side of Roxas Blvd.

The lapu Lapu Monument in the middle of Rizal Park.
all the way to the harbour gates as I decided it was time to turn around and find the hotel.

A much needed shower later made me ready for my next apointment - I was meeting Josh who'm I've met here on for coffee at Robinssons Place. Spend aprox. an hour with him, had a really nice talk and was very delightfull and inspirational. And belive it or not - I've met up with quite a few people here and acctually Josh was the first to insist on buying the coffee. Now I don't mind buying coffee, dinner etc. when people show a lonely tourist around or accepts to keep him company - especially since I'm visiting a country where the average income is 10 times as low as in my home country - but just the fact that it never happend before was enough to leave me in a "WOW how do I handle this" state of mind but so much the better experience : THANKS A LOT JOSH!

After we split up I decided to take another coffee and then stroll around the mall, bought a few clothes and then headed out to the street to find a taxi back to the hotel for a late dinner. 

the_bloodsucker says:
Posted on: Nov 23, 2007
the_bloodsucker says:
hahaha! another coffee? where? i realized i should have brought you to malate, one of manila's nigthlife have. :-D
Posted on: Nov 23, 2007
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The Rizal Execution site showing t…
The Rizal Execution site showing …
The Rizal Monument at the Roxas en…
The Rizal Monument at the Roxas e…
The lapu Lapu Monument in the midd…
The lapu Lapu Monument in the mid…
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