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Hehehe...I never seam to become friends with Heathrow Airport. For one because of the total smoke ban (I cant understand why they just dont make smokeing rooms like they do in Asia that way we would not do harm to anyone), and now I acctually had to wait here for 3 hours for my onward Copenhagen flight.

Acctually I dont mind being without cigarettes dureing my 13 hour flight....but I would really have apreciated one when on land in between flights, but that's not how it was supossed to be. Anyway I had prepared myself with nicotine gum before I left my outbound trip - but they'd acctually been used up as we came to London (10 pcs. used 7 out and had 3 going back)....but there was my salvation...down the aisles...it said Pharmacy...and I rushed in to ask for nicotine gum. She then started asking me how much I smoke a day...and I was like "It doesnt really matter I just need to survive the next 3 hours in fucking Heathrow Airport" :) ..... and acctually ended up with a small package.

Now that was taken care of it was time to go for the duty free shop. I had allready bought my cigarettes in Manila however due to the 100 ml. liquid limits in security check dureing the two stopovers I could not by spirits before Heathrow. So I found a 12 year old Chivas Regal for £ 30. Sounded like a good deal and I took it to the counter. "May I see your boarding card?" the clerk asked....and ofcourse she could...."Well Sir, I have to put tax on this one as you are flying between two EU countries"..... NOW I was FURIOUS!!!!.... "Hey I started my flight in Manila.....I onley shop in this ratwhole airport because of the 100 ml. limits......if I had been on a direct flight there would have been no problem!!"

I really wanted to understand why haveing a stop over should put me in a diffrent position then anyone else traveling overseas....so she finally called the store manager...who was also very sad because as she said..."all theese rules and limitations is also bad for our business and I know it doesnt sound fair...but we can do nothing about it".

So I had to choose one of the blue labeled products.....which reluctendly made me go for a 12 year old Higland Park and a 20 cl. Chivas Regal.....it was okay....but I still think the princip in all this is treating airline passengers unfair.

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photo by: sweettangerine