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So last full day in Manila....well last day what so ever..since I will onley be seting foot on this country for 6 hours tomorrow. the plan for the evening was to go out with Hernie, but I had the day for myself. I had several options as there are so much just in Manila that I haven't gotten around to see and so many places that I would like to go over again. But my decission ended up with Chinatown as I had a few gifts to bring back to familly and friends that I needed to buy, and what more exotic place to shop then Chinatown?

So I went back - had the taxi driver drop me at Ongpin street and started walking. Did my shoping. Getting around Chinatown was a little easier this time as now I knew how to get around - at least how to get around the wet market area.

at the boarder of Chinatown.
After haveing picked up everything I needed I flaged down a taxi right after the bridge and went to Roninson Place for lunch and picked up some clothes for myself.

Now it was back to the hotel for a shower and then off to meet Hernie. He had suggested that we went to Greenhills which he described as a sort of mall but very cheap. That got me a bit courious so I went for the idea. As we sat in the taxi to San Juan we went through one slum area after the other....and I was thinking...."What the fuck did he make me do" :) .... but then suddently it ended and we went into a very nice urban area with the big Greenhills mall in front of us.

At first I was thinking okay this looks like all the other malls - but I was to be surprised...inside was a huge wet market with thousands of small vendors selling everything from clothes to cellphones. Amazeing experience, which started my shoping genes. I kind of went crazy in shoping for clothes. I must say that I was also drooling over a few art and interior decor items, especially the big horses - but honestly - how should I ever be able to get it back I let it go. But next time - NEXT time my friends - I think I am going to make my travel with an empty suitcase on my outbound flight :)

When hunger started to announce it's arrival we went to Pizza Hut and had dinner. Excellent serivice acctually and more food then we could ever eat for the small price of 700 Php.

So with a full stomach we went inside the mall again and I got my last purchases and also found a nice gift for my newfound friend. So now it was time to call it a night and started looking for a taxi - which was acctually a bit of a problem, not because there were no taxi's but because everyone else wanted one at the same time as us. However aprox. 30 min. later we sat in a taxi going back to Manila.

Upon arrival it was time to say good bye...Hernie going home and me..haveing to do the same thing the next morning. When I meet people I like a lot and has spend quite a lot of time with them I allways think it's diffricult to say good bye, but then again....with a little luck I've found myself a very good friend in Manila who'll be here when I return...and that's worth a lot.

I went for the hotel bar in order to update my blogg, have some coffee and just relax, however since I had to leave for the airport at 3am I did not have guts for sleeping. Anyway as the coinsidence was the hotel wifi system was it ended up with me haveing coffe and Lechon Fleche (which I think is a bit to sweet for my taste to be honest) and started writeing the blogg entry on paper so I could just type it when I got back home.

The ambience however got a bit this night the bar offered live music, a pianist and a female vocallist who just as I sat down started "The time of my life" and "you've got a friend" at the same time...and just at that point I started thinking...."Shit I really don't want to go home now" - but....I had to!

The bar closed at midnight, so the next couple of hours was spent packing my suitcase and watching CNN. Acctually I had allready packed my suitcase but now that I was comeing back with several shoping bags from Greenhills I really needed to reorder the suitcase in order to make it close. That's really the downside of traveling, that you allways have twice as much in your suitcase going home as you had going out. But challenges are made to be broken and I acctually managed to get everything into the suitcase. Now the big question would be....THE WHEIGHT OF THE SUITCASE!!!!! 

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at the boarder of Chinatown.
at the boarder of Chinatown.
photo by: Deats