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Driving through an amazeing shower that came down on me like from one minute to the other. Shows Cebu City from downtown to Ayala.

Started the day at the LR office Cebu City picking up some promotional items. Had a nice chat with the office clerk. One funny and a bit provocative act was acctually that the local LR office is located right opposite to the office of FLP who's our biggest competitor on Aloe Vera Products. That was allmost hillarious I think.

Well next was a coffee and sandwich as a combined breakfast and lunch at bo's Coffee - nice service, very nice service.

So walking around the neighbourhood for a while untill I found myself completely lost. So decided to flag down a taxi and go to Magellans Cross. I was there yesterday with Joeven so I figured that would be a nice point to start at for a downtown walk. I just love the down town area with all the small vendours selling all sorts of junk and copy products.

The old catholic church in downtown Cebu City.
What did shock me however was this petstore who had a monkey out on the street in a very small cage. For one because the cage was exactly big enough to fit the poor creature, but he had no change to move what so ever. And second because I thought it was a little harsh for him to sit out there in all the polution from the jeepneys. Jeepneys are acctually very charming and my advice to any tourist would be try them - at least once, it's a lot of funbut boy do they polute - they are old military veichles and the word old is not over exadruated - and you feel that right away on the polution. Just one thing - not all jeepney drivers are really good at english, they go fast and communication can be a small problem (the onley place in the Philippines where communication in english seams to be a problem) so when u go for a jeepney ride - try to do it with a local.
The view from Marriott Hotel Cebu City. You can acctually see the tops in the background.
That's what I did.

Well ending up in the outskirts of downtown Cebu City it was time to flag down another taxi. This time to go to the Ayala Center. Bought some clothes and a few snacks before I went back to the hotel for a rest and coffee break.

Later that evening I met up with Joeven, had dinner at one of the Italian resturants in the Ayala, when he suggested that we go to the Tops. I asked him how to get there and he said that we probably should rent a car. Before I arrived he had talked a lot about renting a car with a driver if we where to go out of the city (beach, Moalboal etc.) and I had been acting a little like...."Must be other means of transportation" since that kind of service back in Scandinavia would cost two months salleries.

The road down the Busay hills from Tops to Cebu City. Very dark night and very steap route.
Anyway I accepted to check out the hotel price for a car and a driver. So back at the hotel I asked the Concierge how to get to the Tops at this time of night (7pm) - he had two suggestions...1) take a taxi, but then the real problem would be to get back and 2) rent the hotel car (through Hertz) for Php 995,- for the first two hours and then 125 for the following. "But then I have to drive myself, right?" was my concerened objection. "No no no...that does not excist here" he said. Okay THATS a good deal I thought and imidíately went for it. Heck now I understand why Pinoys are so much into hireing a car with a driver - it doesnt cost anything! :)

Anyway... 20 min later we sat in a brand new Nisan Sentra on our way to the tops - and it was UPHILL all the way.

me at the tops..
First and second gear nothing higher, one steap uphill tirn after another. Passing one junk house after another with parked jeepneys in the side of the road. So this is where you live when u are driveing jeepney on a minimum sallery......

But up on the tops was a very nice establishment...kind of a big balcony bar carved into the mountain, FRESH AIR (for the first time dureing my stay in this country I had fresh air) and a magnificent view over the city with all the lights on. Belive me I could have been here for hours.

The trip back was more or less like a rollarcoaster...just as steap as it was going up, naturally just as steap was it going down....this night is one that I will NEVER forget!

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Driving through an amazeing showe…
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The old catholic church in downto…
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me at the tops..
me at the tops..
Downtown Cebu City.
Downtown Cebu City.
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