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Landing in Hong Kong is a special experience. First the acctuall landing. The runway is more or less out in the water and going down right untill the plane sets wheels on the ground it feels like you are about to land on the sea....and that's a fun experience.

However it was to get even more complicated. I went for the transfer area....looked at the billboard and noticed my London flight to be departeing from gate 43. Now Hong Kong airport is rather huge and following the signs for gate 43 I had to go inside a train. Now up the stairs and walking the last bit down to the gate. With 15 min. left for boarding to begin and the smokeing room just beside gate 43 I decided that I had time for a smoke. But just as I had lit the cigarette I looked out of the glass windows and noticed the sign on the billboard of gate said.......GOSH...........T-A-I-P-E-i !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fuck....left my cig and went for the big billboard and checked my flight again.......FUCK FUCK FUCK.....London was gate 3!!!!! Acctually reading theese Hong Kong billboards was a bit diffricult and I now understood why I made the mistake. They allways change between english and chinese so when it's english you try to luck your sight on the line saying London and then you move out to the part of the line with the gate no. - and since both flights was at 9.20 they were right under eachother.

I desperately asked an airport official how far away gate 3 was - and she told me it was quite far. But not onley that the train onley goes in one direction so I had to walk back!!!!.....and barely made the flight. I acctually had to run down through the finger as ofcourse gate 3 is the last gate in that finger.

Now when I return next time - I have to make a one or two night stay in Hong Kong, circumstances has made me get on my onward flight at this airport on final call, so that must be a message from the chinese Gods that they want me to experice Hong Kong order to calm them down, I better sleep there a night or two next time.

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