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We enjoyed a pleasant bus journey from Puebla to Oaxaca on a 1st class coach no pollos or burros for us
:-( the seats are huge and recline an obsene amount.

Oaxaca was really great but full of gringos and thus expensive. i concur. we spent our time being real tourists and went on 2 tours. the 1st we went to monte alban a zapotec ruin and we were roped into buying a small bongo player and some other god. poor effort by us.

and then to arrazola where they make the beautiful carved copal wood painted animals and we was robbed as we found them way cheaper the next day-boo. but they are pretty so there.

we then went to an all you can eat buffet which left us pesosless. but gary was satisfied. i concur. and then onwards to see the skills of the balck pottery makers. were we had to buy some more - obviously. luckily i had my secret dollar stash in my utlilty money belt.

on the night we played in the zocalo{main square} which was really beautiful. i don't know if it was a coinicidence but everyday we were there there was some special event going on. i think it was just for a week so it was well timed by us. we saw a parade of all the costumes from the local villages and then some local dances and music which was all fantastic. i concur. we also saved money for beers by eating street food. which was nice.

the next day we went to see some rug weaving which may sound rather boring but it was so fascinating. they showed us how to make all the natural dyes out of cochineal parasites grown on cacti, lime and limestone and all kinds of other plants. they even dyed garys hands. i was jealous. we bought a rug. its nice. of course. we then went to  see the worlds biggest girth ever-  58m- of a treee that is. it was amazing. i concur.  and then on to Mitla another zapotec ruin that had a catholic church built on top of the most important zapotec building. this is where we found animals for cheap.

when we got back we played in the market ate some crickets which were yucky. and bought more nice things-of course. . we are now under strict behaviour not to spend any more money whilst in mexico.  we did some amazing spanish activation at the correo. 2 more weeks and we're fluent.

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photo by: tonygiglio