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we left early the next morning and decided to split the 11hr night bus to san critsobal into 2 days buses cos we are under strict orders not to get night buses. gary is not so sure but this time i concur with the advice. so we got the bus to salina cruz. out of the 5 hrs i was sick for 3.5. gary was very kind and emptied my sick bag into the toilet that was full of other ppls puke. the road was  never ending s's up and down mountains. it was not fun. at all. i quite enjoyed the three films so i don't concur.apart from the sick.

salina cruz is like the teesside of mexico or something which we didn't realise til we got to the beach and it was surrounded by industry. but also beautiful mountains so that was nice. we had a really nice fish supper it being our first time by the coast an all. the restaurant folks had to give us a lift back to the town in the back of their yute as we were in the middle of nowhere and was very dark. this is the hottest place we have been so far. must be kicking on for 30+ time for aircon. the town was full of grouchos on horseback. nice.

we arose like spring chickens ready for the windy road to tuxtla and then san cristobal. i survived. i.e. no sick.

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Salina Cruz