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We finally arrived in D.F after 37 hours of travelling- luckily we landed in the lap of luxury with Rina and Enrique.  We stayed in the city for 2 weeks which was a little longer than expected but when things are free life is good.

The first few days we went downtown playing in the tourist areas - we spent 3 hours just looking around the Anthropology museum and we only covered the 1st floor. We went to Chapultepec a really beautiful Bosque = forest/park. It was really cold x 4. We went back a few days later cos Gary wanted to do something active so we hired a pedalo and toured the lake. We got a Mexicano Caricatura drawn of us. In the middle we were surrounded by 30+ school kids on a trip all pointing and laughing at us.

Coyacan was probably our favorite place its really stunning old colonial town  that is now part of the city. We were there  the weekend of the Fiesta del Muertes with Rina and Enrique. This is a festival which happens 1st 2nd of nov to remember your dead relatives and give them offerings. They are really stunning and so colourful with skeletons everywhere often dressed up quite comically.  Each Delegacion is built around a beautiful square = zocalo and the governors house.

 Visited Teotihuacan with Enrique which was our first taster of Pirimides and they were good. We bought hats- Enrique wouldn´t let me buymy big straw cowboy hat cos i would look like a gringo - but i will get one once i am tanned and swarthy looking and fluent in español!

The buses are fun. especially as they are totally clapped out and covered in muck but have the shiniest most elaborate alloys with shiny blades etc. They would put Dougy´s skills to shame. They are like Greece lightning. Infact all public transport is dirt cheap. You can get all round the city on the metro for 2 pesos = 10p. the longest we ever waited for the metro was like 60 secs and the buses about 90 secs. 

Week 2 was spent having Spanish tutition. We also made friends with the guy upstairs Jeronimo and he took us out for cervesa (which is mostly dark and corona as we know it is frowned upon) and tortas (fajitas and nachos are strictly off the menu as they were invented by gringos) and also to see more day of the dead offerings at the UNAM uni of mexico. they were so fantastic. the uni is huge and has more than 300 000 students and 40 000 professors - wo!. We went to a mexicos equivalent of a  kebeb shop at the end of the nights with Jero -Gary ate brains - yuck 4. Jero works for a computer game design company and recorded my voice for a new game. But i have not heard if i am going to be famous yet.

Next we took a trip with our hosts....

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