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today was a day full of surprises. It started out with a trip to the MASP, thinking it was the museum of modern art. turned out to be the museum of old ass art, which was ok, but i mean it was really funny getting off the elevator expecting some really out there shit and finding a bunch of dusty portraits. to its credit, the french stuff was pretty cool.
After the museum, we went to see a concert. I thought it would be cool if ben saw a batucada (lots of drums), and i saw in the paper there was a group reording a dvd that night, and student tickets were cheap. so we go to the venue, and even though we bought them that day, we were 4 ROWS AWAY FROM THE STAGE. that was our first hint that something was up. we looked around, expecting to see kids our age (it was a pretty small auditorium, second hint), and instead we saw a ton of families. hint number 3. we started joking about how we were going to see the brazilian version of Raffi. ha ha. when the show started, a bunch of kids ran out on stage. hmmm.....that's a wierd way to start......the group we were seeing was called "Meninos do Morumbi," which means 'Boys of Morumbi' or 'Kids of Morumbi.' The newspaper ad showed 2 adults with drums, so I assumed it was the latter. Nope. It was a social program run by a music school. We stuck aroudn and put up with the show for awhile; the drumming was cool, but the little kids singing kinda ruined the vibe. we bailed after an hour, and on our way out were confronted by about 20 clowns at the door. that caught us way off guard. I was so surprised i tried to grab ben outta the way, "we can't go this way!!" some lady saw us leaving and told us we were missing the best part. whatever lady...
the biggest joke about all that was that my uncle KNEW what we were getting into, and so did this girl i invited (she's like, "uh, i'm outta town right now, maybe we can hang out tomorrow?" embarassing!), but no one gave us a heads up. And the newspaper def did not make it clear if you didn't already know the band, which apparently everyone does. probably more my shitty portuguese's fault.
after that ben and i retreated home laughing our asses off about the whole thing, especially the clowns, watched a dvd, then went to the bar district. we ate at this shitty restaurant where we discoverd a great brazilian beer called "Malzebier Brahma," then wandered out to find a bar. We walked into the first place that looked promising, and bought some Jager shots to get started. 2 girls next to us had never tried jager before, so we bought them shots, and well...these girls were part of a going away party for a friend, so we met this huge group of really cool kids at the bar, who i hope to see again (we traded numbers and emails like crazy). we partied till like 4am. i'm def not worried about meeting people anymore.

Best day in brazil yet.
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Sao Paulo
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