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chillin at the HI Olinda. That's Dominic at the ehad f the table, then me, phil, and jessica the swede i was supposed to travel with to pipa on saturday (the 10th?)

so post carnaval, there's basically nothing goin on in olinda. a few friends are still around so i've spent most of my time the last few days between recuperating at the apartment and chilling at the HI hostel down the street (including of course weaseling my way into a few meals there, baby baby). yesterday i was basically back up to 100% and had a really chill day kicking it at the hostel, followed by a night out with some of the hostelers to get some food, then a late night chill out session at my apartment with a few stragglers.

today i was planning on heading up to pipa. the biggest limiting factor on my departure was my camera. after calling all week, the repair store finally opened so i went into recife yesterday to see if i could get it fixed.

kickin it back at my apartment with the hat i adopted from tiago
contray to what i'd been told, they couldn't fix it on the spot and would need to hold onto it for tomorrow. the lady said the job would probably be expensive, so i was really leaning towards just getting the thing fixed back in the us. they said that if i left the camera with em, i could call at 2pm for an estimate on the job, pick up my camera at 4pm, and go straight to the metro, so i decide it was worth at least getting a price.

i called at 1:30 today, and no one answered. i called 6 times within the next 2 hours. at this point i jsut wanted to get the hell outta dodge, camera fixed or not. i bailed olinda in a hurry, not waiting for my landlord or swinging by the hostel to say goodbyes, ready to throw a brick through the store window if i was going to have to wait till monday just to get my camera back. i have been in olinda for over 2 weeks now, and i already spent 2 weeks here in october.

i got to the store and of course they were closed. after putting up a big fuss at the mall's info desk i finall managed to get a phone number ├žinked to the owner, but when i called a got a recorded message saying the number wasn't programmed to recieve calls. i was and am furious. the signed invoice i was given by the store owner upon dropping off my camera actually states as a contractual obligation that the store would be open until 6pm on friday.

i am really really fucking mad with this lady. i didn't even want to leave the camera in the first place. i told her i was leaving the next day, and she told me what time to call, then closed up shop before said time.

i should slide a dead fish under the store's door or something.

so yeah. i wasted the whole day leaving olinda, now its evening, and i'm in nowhere, recife. i could go and try to score a spot back at the CS house because the organizer, beni, is still there, but i think i'm just gonna go back to the hostel and pay 23 for a bed. maybe i'll act like i'm leaving for a late bus, sleep in a hammock, and pretend i overslept my bus in the morning....

times a ticking and theres alot more i want to see up north. i really don't feel like spending another day here.

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chillin at the HI Olinda. Thats D…
chillin at the HI Olinda. That's …
kickin it back at my apartment wit…
kickin it back at my apartment wi…
photo by: Paulovic