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carnaval started tonight, and i decided it would be prudent to move a few things into the CS house. I packed my daypack with a few changes of clothes, a book, my bathroom kit, and my mattress pad and headed out. danced a little frevo on the way to the bus, and ended up lucking out in that the bus i took in the hopes of getting close to the hosue dropped me off 4 blocks away.

upon entering the house i saw that there was a little caipirinha party going on. a good sign. i was directed to beni, the organizer, but other people in the house, who gave me a small tour. just as we started, i ran into Juan and Richard, the other gringos i'd been traveling with ithrough southern bahia!. poking my head in the kitchen, i saw a sawed off water tank filled with caipirinha; had i seen that before i saw them, i'd probably have been able to guess they were here.

that night the whole house headed out to marco zero for the official openning of carnaval in recife. marisa monte and manu chau were set to play,l but we basically missed marisa monte courtesy of juan and richards tiny bladders, and manu chau only played 3 songs: a huge dissapointment, since he was the last to go on.

that night, i slept at the worst spot in the house, having been one of the last to arrive: i spot of floor on the carpet on the bottom floor, in the entrance to the house. a noisy spot, which set off my allergies. kinda lame start to carnaval, but still good to be back with my friends again.

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photo by: Paulovic