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lat night i had decided to move upstairs for health reasons, so i was very annoyed when i heard voices at around 4-5 in the morning whispering about how i'd taken their space. i had moved mattress to afford this space, which was the width of a backpack, so i didn't know how this was possible. i stayed asleep. then i heard the words "get beni" (the organizer). juan richard and i are the youngest in the house, so whoever this was must have been real mature for their age. beni woke me up asking me to move, and we compromised for me to move against the wall. i woke up early, having gone to bed early, to find my spot still vacant, except for someones toiletries. wow. i was pretty offended. i talked to beni about it later and he apologized profusely, realizing how stupid it was before i even explained my case: apparently two fo the girls just HAD to sleep next to each other. ridiculous selfishness in a house with 40 people. one of them came ot me to tell me there was now space as some people had left. i asked her about the morning vacancy and she angrily walked off in a huff. confronting the other, i asked her if she had woken me and she replied "no, that was beni." and walked off. walking back, i asked her if she knew why and she ignored me.

what an incredibly mature bunch.

later that day we all head into olinda. a bunch of go back to the olinda house for lunch, a real trial since the house is apparently on the designated gay street. we meet up with some girls at the restaurant we'd met yesterday and head out with them under the guise of needing protection from the gay guys. juan and richard end up hoking up with their partners but mine's only intersted in talking and dancing. in the end, it turned out to be a good thing too, because when we got back to the olinda house i developed a fever. i tried to head back to my apartment because, well, i wanted to rest up and, moreover, i hadn't worn a shirt and the cold flashes were really getting to me. the girls insisted that i stay, forced me onto a couch with a sheet to keep me warm and fed me a tylenol.

after sleeping for an hour i woke up incredibly sweaty but feeling better and without the fever. everyone had left for ribeira so i decided to head back. much longer walk than i remembered, and walking alone through gay street got me alot of cat calls and attempted gropes. really the hardest part was when i got back to carmo, where a gigantic show had absolutely packed the street. i stopped off at the hostel, more to score cold medicine than to say hi (my bathroom kit was still in recife), and left after getting ahold of an iburprofen and a tylenol.

back at my apartment i was aching for a meal. sadly i was out of pasta, but my neighbor's daughter was kind enough to walk me to a nearby market. sadly, as hungry as i was, i couldn't get myself more to eat more than a few spoonfulls. the same thing had happened to me at lunch today and yesterday. bad news bears. thankfully as far from carnaval as i was, it was quiet and i slept soundly.

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photo by: Paulovic