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by my third day in lencois, i had learned that there was plenty to do around town that you didn't need a guide for, so i'd arranged to hike one of the closer trails with the french couple.
we were looking for the trail to cachoeira primavera, about an hour's hike from town. we recieved very sketchy directions from everyone we talked to, and not surprisingly ended up on the wrong trail.
our day was better for it. the trail was empty except for us. a few times the trail became a dry creek bed, and we got worried we'd lsot the trail, but we never did. the trail felt very much in the brush, but all along the trail was a low, old-looking, man-made wall, and the trail was crisscrossed by small man-made canals.
we were in diamond country. in fact, an old diamond hunter had passed us at the beginning of the trail with a hammer and large screen. pretty cool.
a ways out, we crossed a river that fed a nicely sized pool. as we debated staying or continuing, an elderly couple showed up. no longer alone, we decided to keep going. a ways out, the trail neared the peak of the hill we'd been climbing.
we could see the wall traversing along the edge of the mountain into the distance, and we figured a large waterfall probably wasn't going to be found this high up. we turned around.
the old man saw us coming and let us use the pool without him. nice guy. we took a dip in the shallow water, then breaked for sandwiches. there was a nice spot above the pool where we could all sit in a circle with our feet in kneed deep pool of moving water. very pleasant picnic.
after lunch, back to the water. i had seen there were more pools along the river, so i decided to let the couple have a little privacy and explored the other pools under the guise of looking for one with mroe shade. i found many. my faovrite was a pool in one of the canals just big enough for one person, with a large rock in it that served perfectly as a back rest.
at the end of the river was a wierd cement structure with deep canals that ended with a small waterfall and a view.
after about 20minutes i went back to the french couple. i showed them the wierdness of the canals that i'd found, then we headed back. on the trail, i spotted a beautiful, small grey owl.
after making it back to lencois, we asked for the right trail. the trail starts at an area that we had originally passed thinking it was a parking lot. afterwards, we reached a river that feeds lots of large pools, and consequently serving as the community swimming area. continuing on the trail we happened upon a small river beach (aptly named'prainha) where some spanish hippies were juggling and barbequeing. further along, we finally made it to the first waterfall, cachoeirinha. when we got there we were alone except for some guy selling drinks. that changed fast. soon the area was overwhelmed by tourists and guided groups, each taking their turn under the waterfall and leaving. that's the main problem with these groups, the guides are always rushing you along, giving you just enough time to take your pictures as evidence you were there. much easier to appreciate the beauty around you without the help.
although primavera was the next stop along the trail and our original target for the day, we decided not to keep going.
the sun was low, and it just wouldn't be worth it. the three of us had dinner at the bode grill again.
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photo by: esterrene