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i went straight from the party to the 6am bus, arriving within 15min of departure time. going straight form the pary to the bus, i didn't have any breakfast. i overheard an elderly couple nearby speaking english, and used that 'in' to ask if they had any snack food. cracker breakfast, baby.

i got some much needed sleep on the bus to fortaleza. at fortaleza, i ran into some trouble getting a ticket for the next bus to Jeri: the person helping me out was reTARDED. she kept logging in and out and in and out, and my view of the computer screen allowed me to watch the few seats remaining on the bus dissapearing as the minutes she wasted ticked away. finally she managed to clear up whatever problem she was having and i got a seat. my next move was to re-up on cash, but the ATM machine wasn't working. lucked out again on the machine just outside the rodoviario.

a little later johnny and his rew showed up (they'd split a cab). they managed to get the very last 4 seats on the bus. lucky.

on the bus, eric was sitting in the seat in front of me. when i met him he mentioned that he was a couch surfer (embassador even), and it turned out we'd both been hanging out with the same crew in recife. in fact, he actually knew what my hometown was, which kinda creeped me out for a hot second. either way, we got to talking about CS, and it turned out that Karina, the organizer, OWNED the house she had everyone pay to stay in. very suspect behavior for a couchsurfer.

i managed to grab enough food at the bus station to tide me over, but honestly i didn't even need to. sitting next to me on the bus was a fully equiped supermarket. this lady had apparently been eating alot of food she hadn't enjoyed recently, so she brought all kinds of food on the bus, and repeatedly offered it to me. funny lady.

when we arrived in Jijoca, i thought we would have to look for the truck into jeri. un-uh. apparently the ticket paid for the trip to jijoca, and the transfer over to a truck (that fit 40 apparently) to jeri. the ride was mostly dirt roads, the last hour or so driving along the beach into the national park. very beautiful, very bumpy.

when we got there, the 5 of us dumped our stuff in a pile in the center of town and split up to look for a place to stay. the 4 other americans have different travel priorities; 3 out of 4 of them are doctors, so you can imagine money is less of an option to em. we finally reached a middle ground (read as: i gave up) and they took me to a pousada they'd seen and liked. after settling into my room, i wanted a shower. heading to the front desk to see if they had soap i was APPALED to find richard (who i'd traveled with repeatedly over this trip), Phil (from olinda), rachel (from olidna), and dom (also from olinda). they even had a batch of cookies waiting for me. and all but richard were staying at this very pousada, which i had fought not to come to. WOW.

the 9 of us went out for a cheap PF in town, afterwhich we hit the video store. hey don't kid around there; R$50 deposit on each movie rented! that night, i passed out in front of the tv watching snatch with friends.

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