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i'm continuing to enjoy canoa, but richard isn't feeling it. we've both been traveling for awhile and seen alot of beaches, and the kid is looking for people right now. we're really the only people our age here, so we've been struggling trying to keep ourselves amused at night. tomorrow rich's heading off to jeri, but i kinda wanna stick around. if i can renegotiate the price of my apartment to continue paying what i am, i'm staying a few more days, other wise i'll follow richard to jericoacoara.

i woke up early today, 7am. i waited around for richard before breakfast, but after 2.5 hours of reorganizing my mp3 player and playing solitaire i gave up and made some pasta. apparently taking the initiative to make fod was all that was necessary, cause a few minutes later he showed up to eat too.

the beach was nice again. i walked a ways by myself and found myself on a pretty deserted stretch. it was great. i dunno why, but i find myself attracted to deserted beaches. so yeah, alot of walking, alot of time alone on an empty beach, minus the occasional buzzy blowing by every 15min or so.

afterwards, we climbed a dune behind town to watch the sunset. there, some guy had brought a board so i finally got to try dune boarding. people had told me it was stupid, but i found it pretty fun, even though the velcro footstraps kept coming undone and the board wasn't waxed. really, i'm just dying for a snowboarding fix.

we had a little fun for dinner, stir frying a buynch of vegetables into rice. i haven't had a good cooking experiment in a while, so dinner was alot of fun. afterwards we hit the town and i bought a little snakeskin bracelet, which i'd been hoping to come across.

i stole some pics from richard, so hopefully i'll ahve something to post soon.

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Canoa Quebrada
photo by: lealealou