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I woke up in olinda feeling pretty crummy. guess the midnight man was a little too much for me. tiago swings by and convinces me to head out with him. he's wearing a wool vest for his costume because he's clearly insane: it's so hot here i haven't even worn a shirt in days. we trade hats to complete his get up because i have this wierd desert hat a friend in sao paulo lent me for the sun and tiago digs it.

walking around gives me more energy. we run into a bloco tiago had actually told me about when i was here in october, "a cama" aka The Bed. basically this group just walks around with a bed fram, modified into a stand with a wooden pole in the middle. girls are helped up onto the bed and dance around while everyone around either cheers them on to take off clothes (which basically no one does), or trying to get the bed holders to change the girl or flip the bed (also never happens, thankfully) if she's ugly. it's a prety fun bloco, so we stick with it for awhile.

the going is tough. párade routes aren't really organized, so there are alot of head on collisions between blocos, a problem if you're trying to pusht hrough the streets with a bed. at one point we get to a particualrly crowded street and people stand on the bed trying to get out of the way of an oncoming bloco, breaking the bed. i'm really exhausted, so i try to convince tiago to take a break, but he insists on continuing the party. at one point i'm so tired i climb a tree just to have a place to sit. some kids nearby take a picture of me and promise to send it, an exciting prospect since it looks like i'll otherwise have no pics of carnaval.

at some point we run into juan and richard, who are looking to get back to recife. i'm excited to follow, since my bathroom kit is there and i really wanna brush my teeth. also, leaving gives me an excuse to rest. i don't really plan on going back out.

i spend the evening moving around the house, trying to find a place to take a nap. everywhere i go it's pretty loud, so i finally give up and end up watching the parades in rio with a friend of karinas, danielle, as everyone leaves for recife. we head out to find some food for me and wine for her, and i end up buying a gas station hot dog for tonight and a sandwich for tomorrow. probably not the wisest choices but they looked tasty dammit. i started to feel the hot dog almost as soon as i ate it, then thankfully finally passed out in front of the tv.

a few hours later i woke up and decided to move up stairs. some people had come back from recife, one of whom had taken the spot i thought was empty. poking around upstairs (after waking up congested last time, i refused to sleep downstairs again) i found a mattress pad that looked double parked and after a little quick mattress sliding i found a space wide enough for the two couch pillows i'd used downstairs, which were much more comfortable than my thin mattress pad.

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photo by: Paulovic