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i'm glad i got this apartment. i wasn't getting any rest at the CS house.

i woke up around 7 something and after tossing around sick for a bit and visitng the bathroom af ew times i decided to go the medical post. i kinda realized last night that my biggest problem is probably the diarhea. i've had it on and off since itacare, but i thought it was just a result of the drinking. now, on top of barely eating, i've been going to the bathroom multiple times a day and been well...i won't describe what i'm geting rid of but it ain't pretty. the walk is long and hot, but it's early enough that at least it isn't crowded.

at the medical post (which is in the park at carmo if you need to find it yourself) i get treated fairly quickly with 2 liters of IV saline, some drugs for my GIs i've never heard of, and nebulized water for my congestion. i talk to one of the nurses about how the emergency medical system in the US operates (she's intrigued when she hears i'm a firefighter, since it turns out she's a medic as well), and leave feeling much better, although not 100%.

back at the apartment i decide to continue resting. i heat up the pasta from last night and watch a lot of southpark. finally, around 1pm i decide to do something useful with my day and, not really feeling any need to hit the last day of carnaval, head out in search for a cyber cafe. the closest one is packed so i head across town to a cheaper, less known cafe. i take the longer, emptier route.

just before i get there, i'm intercepted by a parade of bonecos. i'd heard that on the last day of carnaval most of the bonecos in the city meet up and march together but i kinda figured i'd missed it. i sit back and watch a few familiar faces go by and alot of new ones: there must be at least 50 of em going by!

finally, i push my way to the cyber cafe and blog about the last 5 days. i'm going to have to make my way into recife at some point to get my stuff out of the cs house, a trip i'm nopt looking forward too. juan is heading back to argenitina soon to start his 4th year of medical soon, and richard said he probably is going to head north soon, so it looks like the party may have finally broken up. it was a good run, but i gotta rest up somemore before i get on a bus again, otherwise i might end up like the puker on the chapada lencois -> salvador red eye

lubamarx says:
Hi David . I registered in the blog lubamarx just to be able to leave comments for you. Please write so we can find you again. It was a miracle I found you today in papais computer in the hotel in Bermuda.
See you soon.Write and be well.
Posted on: Feb 07, 2008
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photo by: Paulovic