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So I really have to decide now, am I going to live in RJ or SP? I've been invited to 2 different peoples placees in rj, so housing is not a(n imediate) problem. i've sorta made a few friends down here, but they're not like great friends, more like college kids who know where the party is at. I feel like I shouldn't have any trouble making friends up in rio, maybe even less than here.

the big issue is: what will I do if i can't get a job? my mom has already offered to send me extra cash basically as long as i'm doing something moderately productive with my time and am enjoying myself (so basically i'd be supported even if i was just taking classes), but really i don't want to have that financial crutch. as if finding work teaching wasn't hard enough already, the second semester started about a week ago; i'm looking for a job teaching in the middle of the school year. not good, not good at all. at least here in sampa i've got a call back interview and a private tutoring hook-up.

honestly, i'm not really sure what's holding me back. maybe it's the people. i've got lots of family here in SP, but i barely see most of them anyway, and my friends shouldnt be holding me back. the job issue might be an obstacle, but really it shouldn't get in the way of my living in a more interesting area. maybe I just find the possibility of failure in job search so concerning because i really really don't want to go begging my parents for money. in fact, i was udner the impression that that life line was severed after graduation.

rio is gorgeous. the night life is wild and kicking basically every night of the week, and the weekends are off the hook. the beaches there are fantastic and there's at least one within walking distance of pretty much any part of the city (did I mention SP has no beaches?). the girls are gorgeous and are all over the place. the bottom line is that I would probably enjoy myself more if i lived in rio. I guess i'm just concerned that even though I came to brazil to be largely on my own, rio might force me to seek financial support. would that be so bad? probably. but i mean...maybe i could just put up flyers and tutor college kids or something. or hell, who knows, maybe even find a job doing something other than teaching! I feel like i maybe haven't pinned down exactly what's bothering me about this move.

I've probably repeated myself alot, but hey, i was out all night at a party at PUC and i'm really tired. the party was pretty sick by the way, started outside the school, then everyone went to this gymnasium where there were like a thousand people or so. i met this cool chick at the school who i lost at the gym, but i found basically the whole crew from the bar from a week ago! also, the school batucada (drum band) played for like 2 hours, just churning out rhythms while the students chanted their school anthems. tiny little carnival contained in a school gym. fun night, but had to bail to teach my cousin's fiancee some english, and mofo is LATE! i left the party early and woke up for this foo! anh, whatever, he's gonna teach me how to drive a bike, so we're cool. man i'm tired though
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Sao Paulo
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