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 i made up my mind: i'm staying. sp really ain't such a bad city, even if it is filthy and has no'll be like LA all over again minus the snowboarding and natural parks (yes, LA has beaches, but they suck so i never went).

when it comes down to it, i'm sure i'll have fun wherever i live, sp or rio or dc for that matter, because i want to and i just have that outlook on life right now. i originally came down here thinking i wanted to live alone and be in a situation where i was uncomfortable and unsure; i wanted to feel out of my element, hoping that forcign myself to adapt would teach me about myself. i was concerned that living in a small apartment behind my uncle's house in a city where i already have a vast network of family might be too....comfortable and easy. i was afraid sticking around would be a cop out.

but when it comes down to it, living in brazil is not just an opportunity to find myself and try someting new (which is stil the case in sp), but also an incredible opportunity to get to know and spend time with family who i normally see once every few years, if that!

my family back home isn't that close, so it actualy feels wierd making family a priority like this, but you know what? i'm at peace with my decision. also, i feel that having gonen through this dilemma i may enjoy sp all the more, having turned down the opportunity to live in rj. in making that decision, i recognized staying as worthwhile and the city as a good place to live. it wasn't just a decision, it was a declaration of confidence in my future here.

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Sao Paulo
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