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i took the night bus to lencois and got a little sleep listening to my mp3 player. when i get to my stop, there's someone there waiting for me from the hostel. i get there round 6am, drop my shit and pass it.

i'm kicked out of bed 2 hours later for breakfast. "huh...yeah...sure...i'll eat..." i grab a little bread and coffee, wondering what i'm going to do with my day. The owner of the hostel comes around and asks me if i wanna go to cachoeira fumaça, which is one of the only specific sites i was really interested in, so i was excited to see it so soon.

sooner than i thought. our ride was coming by in 15 minutes.

getting to Fumaça involved a bit of a hike, and we had a real complainer in the group, who made sure we knew how much the altitude was getting to her. yeesh. luckily the kid in the bunk next to me from the hostel, toshiki, came along and was fun to hang out with. i also made friends with this girl melissa, a brazilian who lives in mobile, AL. random, right?

fumaças claim to fame is being the second highest waterfall in the world. seeing it from the top is cool, but i don't think you get the full experience.

really, it's just a trickle, so its no surprise the water never even reaches the ground (fumaça means smoke). the view of the valley the waterfall spills into, on the other hand, is absolutely incredible.

afterwards, we went to another, smaller waterfall to play. we all swam around played under the waterfall. The water was really cold, which was great cause it had gotten hotter.

afterwards i went to dinner with melissa and the cariocas at bode grill, a hole hard to find but totally worth it kilo restaurant that basically serves only regional dishes. even with her dad there, it felt sorta like a double date. there was sort of a wierd vibe between us the whole time. after dinner, we all got some flan at another restaurant, then went our separate ways to get ready for the next day.

afterwards, i passed out. there were parties going on in the town, but i was pretty exhausted.
worldcitizen says:
I'm loving these pics... you're making me realize I need to spend about a month more in Chapada Diamantina!
Posted on: Jan 06, 2008
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