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i woke up around 9ish on my own. everyone else in the hostel woke up at 10, courtesy of the trio eletrico (speaker towers on wheels with a band on top) doing their sound check in front of the hostel. going outside ot investigate, i saw the street was lined with em. last night the city turned into a mini rio, it looked like today we were doing it salvador style.

the party was just a huge cluster-fuck in the streets. really pretty incredible: people and music for miles and miles. at some points it got so crowded it was like a walking mosh pit. the frevo was different from the marching bands id heard before, more of an axe-ish party music. alot of fun. i wandered down to the endand back (where i was surprised to find nacion zumbi playing) with a german kid named osie from the hostel. the streets were filled with people dressed all wild and crazy, including many many cross-dressers. apparently carnaval is jsut chaos for the sake of chaos. some random girl passing by just kinda grabbed me and made out with me a for a little bit. and don't think that osieand didn't get our asses grabbed up and down the street. pretty, pretty different culture. lots of fun though.

we bought some pasta on the way back and cooked a late lunch in the hostel. i cooked in a little pot i had on me, and hit the streets. i was very happy to find marching maracatu bands (one of which had some friends from thehostel in it!), which were especially fun to follow high. also, there was a marching frevo band with really good dancers, jumping up and down with umbrellas. some were really young, but really knew how to dance! i ended up making some friends on the street who were going to recife antiga, so i followed em there. on the way to the bus (all the streets were closed off), we stopped at a burger joint so they could use the bathroom. i bought a burger for myself and a poor kid collecting cans, who i invited ot the table. sweet kid, too bad he's got it rough. it was really sad watching him crushing cans barefoot (i stepped in and helped out there). having a can collector at the table was sorta fun too, just because it gave us incentive to finish our drinks faster to help him out.

recife antiga was fun. we ran into some more of their friends, went to a forro, so an afroxe show (african music), then went to a big coco show (more african music). basically spent all night in recife, and picked up a reputation with those kids as a dancing fool.

afterwards, i took the bus back and ran into some friends at a bar by the hostel. hung out withthem for alittle bit, kicked it late with some people at the hostel who were still up, cooked some midnight pasta, and crashed.

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photo by: Paulovic