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This past weekend was a national holiday so i hit the beach with my family. they own a house on a small private beach directly between two very popular beach cities: Ubatuba and Caraguatatuba (awesome names, right?). the house is part of a small, gated community composed entirely of beach-chalets. no resorts, no hotels, no tourists, no crime. just beach properties.

On either side of the beach is a large hill. at the top of the northern hill is a huge church that was recently built by Opus Dei on the vatican's orders.

Immediately upon completion, the church was sold to an american company called "Sunrise Homes," that will turn it into a resort-hotel.

There are many, many reasons why this is fucked up, and I will outlien a few of them here. First, and most obvious, is that the property was built illegal (this whole diatribe is based on rumor by the way, but the story adds up). Builing resort properties on this beach is illegal according to local zoning. The first attempt to build the church did not pass, hence the papal orders. Brazil is a roman catholic country, so they do what rome tells em to and allowed the church.

moving right along, building a church means they don't have to pay taxes. in my opinion, if you build a dog house and then put a cat inside the day you finish, you didn't build a dog house. similarly, opus dei did not build a church, since no mass will ever be held inside (unless a rich couple decides to get married there). in my humble opinion, this constitutes tax evasion.

now here's the real kicker. Who funded this little operation? sure, the curch may line its pockets with similar enterprises, in which case old ivnestments just built up a new one, but think about this: A CATHEDRAL was being built in a poor, catholic, fishing community. The build recieved the support of the people, who gave what meager donations they could to support the church, which is now being sold to foreign investors.

I feel that this is really fucked up. I plan to write a leter to the vatican, but shit, i've barely gotten around to writing letters to my friends.

besides, when I sign the letter "MARX," they might disregard my opinion as a heathen.
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photo by: shaggorama