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Here's a piece of very real travel advice, at least for moving around brazil on the cheap:


sounds wierd right? especially from someone writing in one of the 3 big carnaval cities a day before the official openning of the party.

The thing is, everywhere i've gone in brazil i've found offers on the street that were way better than pousadas and hostels. quite frankly, i feel pretty disillusioned about the deal that is hostelling internationally.

really thecheapest way to get aroudn is to get a group of people together and rent an apartment. they're NOT hard to find.

this morning when i woke up, the owner of the pousada i was staying at approached me with a deal to stay through carnaval. i already had a place reserved in recife for the next few nights, but it was floor space and i thought going all the way and granting myself a place to stay in olinda as well as recife might be nice (if a little excessive for a budget traveler). after a bit of negotiating, she conivnced me (665 until the 6th). i left the hostel to make a phone call and ran into a guy on the street who had tried to rent me an apartment yesterday. having gotten into the "i'm getting a place in olinda" frame of mind i decided to hear him out and his deal was way better than the pousadas: not only cheaper (500 until the 8th, if i felt like staying that long), but i'd also have my own kitchen.

i spent basically all day arranging the apartment. it was on the opposite side of twon from the commercial district (still, close enough to all the good stuff) so i did a lot of walking to and from the apartment to see it and pay for it. as soon as i handed the owners the cash, i ran into tiago again. he got annoyed with me and reminded me that he works in renting out places too, i'd totally forgotten and jsut gotten caught up in finding a deal. just for kicks i decided to ask him what kind of deal he would've made me (since i'm a friend and all). his price was much cheaper than what i just paid (300), and also had an air conditioner. damn it.

and remember folks, this is in the touristy area of Olinda the day before the official opening of carnaval.

shaggorama says:
scratch that. the CS house in olidna is really just a restaurant/meeting place.
Posted on: Feb 05, 2008
shaggorama says:
for the record, i just found out/was reminded that the couchsurfing meeting organizer also got a hosue in olinda to work as our base there. uh...whoops. at least i have the option to not sleep on the floor i if i don't want to....and other perks if you can read between the lines.
Posted on: Feb 01, 2008
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