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Since ig ot here the whole city was wild. i thought it was an extended pre-carnaval, but really it was the weekend-before-carnaval party. this morning the city was giving off more of a "business as usual vibe." i decideed to use the decreasing momentum to take care of some things. i ran into recife to try and fix my camera, but no luck on that front.. instead i found myself returning to olinda with caipirinha supplies and a few BIC pens. the medical post in olinda said they had yellow fever vaccine, but i showed up late and owuld have to come back tomorow. also cool.

i kicked it at the hostel for the rest of the day, goofing off in the pool, taking a much needed hammock nap, and entering a radiohead-only 3 3 guitar + pandeiro jam session with the french maracatu kids. afterwards, i got dinner down the street with a few brits from the hostel and this girl crazy 30yo german guy who looks like he's 17 who just moved in. at the restaurant we mostly just let the german kid say wierd stuff for awhile, quietly laughing at how strange he was; dude has traveled the world, but has nothing but really long boring stories, and judges the places he's been exclusively by the women there. BUZZY! but yeah, after alittle while a group of recifense girls sat down next to us and we ended up merging our two groups for the rest of the night.

after the restaurant we went out to go find maracatu. the french kids were participating in what was supposed to be a huge maracatu show. we stayed at the restaurant pretty late, and when we got to where we thought the show was suppsoed to be it was dead empty. wandering around, we finally found the party. it looked like things were just about to get started, so we excitedly pushed our way to the fornt in time to watch all the groups parade out. who were we fooling? it wasl ike midnight or 1am when we got there, of course we were late for the show! still, we saw plenty enough of good maracatu in the time we were there. there's something about those drums man....they're so POWERFUL! you can just feel the air pressure like wind when they pound around you.

after the maracatu, we followed a llady from the hostel we ran into to a local bar/art studio, where a single guitarist was leading the entire room in MPB and samba songs. everyone there minus us was brazilian, and mostly locals, so they knew all the songs. everyone got really into it, jumping up and down singing along. it was alot of fun.

afterwards we all wandered back to the hostel to take advantage of the caipirinha suplies i'd picked up. but ended up stopping by an empty bar that was playing forro to dance. sadly, the forr we heard outside was the only one they played, and they spent the rest of the night playing shitty american pop-hiphop. let me tell you, that bar was a wierd scene: aside from us, it was all old sleazy looking people who looked desperate to get what they could before dawn rolled around. we spent most of our time at the bar trying to get them to play better music. as we left the bar the girls went home, so we returned to the hostel to find the maracatu post-party dying down, consisting mainly of a handful of people talking in hammocks passing around a joint. it seemed like there were enough people around and enough energy in the room, so i started cutting up limes to mass produce caipirinhas. after going thorugh 10 limes and a half a bottle of cachaca, i learned that basically no one wanted any, so now there's a 1.5 liter sawed off water bottle in the fridge filled with ready-to-pour-over-ice caipirinhas.

anti-climactic, but fun.

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photo by: Paulovic